55 Year Old Wall Street Journal reporter David Bird Missing Since 1/10/14 in Millington, NJ in Long Hill Township


55 year old David Bird has been missing since Saturday, January 10 2014 in Long Hill Township, New Jersey. David Bird was last seen around 4 p.m. on Saturday, when he left his house to take a walk. He never returned. Bird is an avid hiker and police believe he may have fallen through thin ice during his walk. Police have searched the Passaic River and many tributaries near where Bird is presumed to have walked. Bird is a reporter for the Wallstreet journal . Bird suffers from liver disease and requires medication. Search dogs, state police helicopters and ground searchers have been looking for David Bird. Bird is a Wall Street Journal reporter who covers energy markets for the Journal, has worked for Dow Jones for more than 20 years.

David Bird is 6’01″, 200 pounds. He has gray hair, blue eyes and a fair complextion. He is partially balding and has a gray goatee. Bird is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

He was last seen at his residence in Long Hill Township, in Morris County. He was wearing a red jacket, blue jeans, sneakers and glasses.

He regularly walks the trails in Hick’s Tract in Millington, NJ.

David Bird Long Hill Township Police Department

David Bird Long Hill Township Police Department

 MAP of area in which David Bird went missing

The police said that Mr. Bird’s wife told them her husband started walking Saturday on Long Hill Road, near a wooded path he liked called Hicks Trail.

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UPDATE I: Missing Wall Street Journal Reporter’s Credit Card Was Reportedly Used In Mexico.

Now this is a rather bizarre circumstance in the case of missing David Bird. According to numerous reports, the missing Wall Street Journal reporters credit card was used in Mexico. Either this is an erroneous story, Bird may have met with a worse fate than just falling through some ice, or he has shopped at Target recently and is a victim of identity theft. However, strange in deed if true.

A 55-year-old Wall Street Journal reporter went missing in New Jersey on Saturday, and sources tell NBC News that his credit card was used in Mexico on Wednesday night.

Bird’s family thinks his disappearance may be tied to his reporting on the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, or OPEC, according to NBC.

Bird covers energy markets for the Journal and wrote about OPEC often, but it’s unclear why his family believes his disappearance might be tied to his coverage.

UPDATE II: Authorities Comb New Jersey Woodland in Hunt for Missing Reporter.

Chief Michael Mazzeo of the Long Hill police said on Thursday that at this point no criminality was suspected. Chief Mazzeo said the search initially focused on the trails and paths Mr. Bird was known to wander and has turned to a treacherous area of swamp along the Passaic River.

“We have searched every tract of land possible in our township,” he said. “Now we’re checking outlying areas off-road that he may have used as a cut through.”

The rural area where he disappeared includes the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, and people do get lost in and around the 7,768-acre preserve. Last week alone, he was among three people reported missing in town. He is the only one yet to be found, Chief Mazzeo said.

If anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of David Bird, please contact the Long Hill Township Police Department at (908) 647-1800 or the NJSP Missing Persons Unit at (800) 709-7090.

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