Alabama Crimson Tide Mom (Michelle Pritchett) Goes all Red Neck on Oklahoma Sooner Fan at Sugar Bowl (VIDEO) (Update: Mom Flips OU Fans the Double Bird)


WOW, can I just be the first to remind everyone … its just a game and you are not playing it.

Michelle Pritchett, the Bama, ‘Roll Tide’ mom that is seen in the video below going after some OU Sooner fans and going all redneck at Thursday night’s Sugar Bowl said that she did so because the Oklahoma fans were taunting her and then crossed the line and taunted her 16 year old son. Hmm, that may be true or not, but the manner in how this was handled could not have been more wrong. She is actually lucky she did not harm anyone or get injured herself. Pritchett regrets that the situation got out of hand but says that if she had to do it again.

In the video, you can see Pritchett jump onto a group of Oklahoma fans and then begin kicking them while fans at the game tried to pull her away.

Pritchett said a phone interview with Yellow Hammer that she regrets how things escalated and wanted to apologize to “Bama Nation.” She goes on to say that if she had to do it again, she would.

She also said that she wasn’t intoxicated. Pritchett admits to having a couple of drinks, but claims she was not drunk at the time of the incident.

You’ve heard of the Lambeau leap, Looks like we have the “redneck” leap now

The insanity really begins at the 33 second mark

This incident brings to mind two things. One, what a double standard; and Two, what ever happened to individuals acting with any civility at sporting events anymore. No wonder parents no longer want to bring their children to games anymore.

First, who thinks that if a man, a dad, did the same thing that he would not have been arrested on assault charges? Two, what the hell are people thinking these days? And I am talking on both sides. The OU fans for obviously crossing a line and taunting another individuals and the mom for not being mature enough to just act like an adult. The fine art of trash talking does not include cursing, vulgar comments, threats or abusive language or gestures. Sadly, a clueless and ignorant society has forgot that.

Before anyone wants to jump to the defense of this was a mamma bear protecting her cub they might want to take a look to the video below where Alabama mom is giving the double bird to the OU Sooner fans that were giving her a hard time. Yup, real mature.


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