7 Million ObamaCare Enrollment Target A Tall Order Despite Recent Surge … I Thought We Were Told There Were 10′s of Millions Without Insurance?


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It would seem that the goal of reaching 7 million Obamacare enrollees is deemed a tall order by experts. But even if the 7 million was ever reached, the number is not important, in order for Obamacare to sustain itself there has to be a certain percentage of sick people and a certain percentage of healthy, young paying ones. Because the Obama administration has hardly been transparent, no one knows for sure how these numbers break down. Heck, because no one trusts Obama any more, no one can even trust the so-called 1.1 million supposedly signed up.

The Obama lies that got him reelected … if there are so many uninsureds, where are they? And you wonder why he has lost trust and most consider him a liar …


America, listen to the lies you were told by Obama in the 2012 presidential campaign …

Experts say the Obama administration faces a tall order in hitting the 7 million enrollees the Congressional Budget Office projected would sign up for ObamaCare in 2014.

After a surge of enrollees in December, 1.1 million people have enrolled in the federal exchange, and another 1 million have enrolled through the 14 state-run marketplaces.

That falls short, however, of the administration’s stated goal of 3 million enrollees by the end of 2013.

Perhaps even more importantly, the makeup of those enrollees remains unclear.

The idea behind the health exchanges is that young and healthy enrollees will offset costs from the older and sicker enrollees. If most of the ObamaCare recipients are old and sick, it will be tougher for the exchanges to work.

The administration hasn’t released a breakdown of who is enrolling, but preliminary data coming out of the state-run exchanges indicates a large number of high-risk consumers.

“I don’t see how they could have the balanced risk pool that they need,” said Joe Antos of the conservative American Enterprise Institute. “The younger people with lower incomes already have education loans, car loans, and such, and these are people who, even with a generous subsidy, it’s still going to cost them money out of their pockets.”

So how can 5 to 6 million of people have lost their insurance thanks to Obamacare and been told the reason for Obamacare was that 10′s of millions of individuals did not have insurance, yet a meager 1.1 have enrolled? And by the way, Obama knew that the 8 to 9 million would lose their insurance back in 2010 (VIDEO).

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