Olympic Spinal Tap Version – Smell the Glove: Team USA Olympic Mittens For You … Made in China …


Don’t look for the union label, Team USA Olympic mittens for the masses … MADE IN CHINA.

One of these days the manufacturers will get this right. After having been criticized two years ago for having U.S. Olympic team’s uniforms made in China, it appears they have not quite fixed the issue entirely.  Don’t look now but we have an America with two sets of mittens. There are those made for the Olympic athletes and that you can buy for $98 a pair on the Ralph Lauren website or the knockoffs for $14 a pair at the USOC’s official online shop, made in China. Wouldn’t you just love to know what the labor and material costs are for the $98 mittens as opposed to the ones made in China?

Its kind of like the ‘This is Spinal Tap’ of Olympic Mittens … ‘Smell the Glove Mittens’

This is what you wanted … Ralph Lauren, made in USA

USA Mittens_Real

This is What You Got, Made in China

USA Mittens

The outside of the mittens say “Go USA.” The insides say “Made in China.”

Less than two years after being criticized for having the U.S. Olympic team’s uniforms made in China, the U.S. Olympic Committee has another wardrobe malfunction on its hands.

The red-white-and-blue mittens it’s selling to raise funds for winter athletes were produced in China.

It says so right on the tag on the inside.

The USOC is charging $14 a pair for the blue hand-warmers that have the word “Go” embroidered in red on the left mitten and “USA” on the right. Also part of that left mitten is the tag, which says the gloves are “100% acrylic,” “One Size Fits Most” and “Made in China.”

USOC spokesman Patrick Sandusky said the “official” mittens being worn by the athletes at the opening ceremony are made in the USA. They’re also available to the public for $98 a pair on the Ralph Lauren website, which proudly proclaims its products are “Made in America” almost everywhere you look on the page for its official Team USA collection.

But the federation, which receives no government funding and is always trying to find new ways to raise money for its athletes, was going for a lower price point for its fundraiser. With the games more than a month away, it has raised $500,000 from the mitten sales.

“We wanted to create a fundraising opportunity where almost anyone could support Team USA,” Sandusky said.

The foreign-made mittens are available at the USOC’s official online shop of the U.S. Olympic Team.

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    3 Responses to “Olympic Spinal Tap Version – Smell the Glove: Team USA Olympic Mittens For You … Made in China …”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on December 17th, 2013 10:46 am

      Are there any companies left in the USA that make similar product that are made with American labor?

      Thanks to the overreach of our Federal Government, we do not have a viable clothing industry. Between the EPA and the Department of Agriculture the quality clothing industry that once was a mainstay of many small towns has been destroyed by over regulation.

    2. Jase on December 17th, 2013 9:47 pm

      Does #1 have a shred of proof that the EPA and Dept of Ag has destroyed a clothing company? A link or 2 to back the assertion up would be appreciated. Make sure the company’s ” destruction” was directly related to the EPA and Ag.

      EPA sues North Face over anti-bacterial claims

      Five Areas of Government Regulation of Business

      State-by-State Impacts of the EPA Regulatory Train Wreck

      EPA Overregulation

      Regulation Nation: Drowning in Rules, Businesses Brace for Cost and Time for Compliance

    3. Jase on December 19th, 2013 3:42 pm

      Thanks for the links.
      So North Face was destroyed? Funny, they’ve had record profits the last couple of years.
      The other links didn’t have a single clothing industry company that was destroyed by the EPA and dept of Ag.
      SM: No, the EPA attacks all industries, I guess you can’t figure that out.

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