Robert Reich Says on ABC’s ‘This Week’ … People will “Stop Complaining” About Obamacare Once Enrollment Numbers Increase … Doubt It!!!


The Obama minions continue to spread the Obamacare BS, Defending the indefensible

Former Clinton Secretary of Labor Robert Reich appeared on ABC’s ‘This Week’ over the weekend and said that the American people will “stop complaining” about Obamacare once the enrollment numbers increase. Really, wanna bet? So that’s what Democrats think that American’s are doing is just complaining? The American people have been lied to, have lost their insurance plans that they liked, have lost their doctors and hospitals, have been forced to buy a product in Obamacare that they do not like, have no idea whether they have coverage even if they did sign up, have higher premiums and higher deductibles and Reich thinks that the complaints will stop.

Huh, I really don’t it. Personally, I believe that it has just begun. Reich calls Obama’s LIE that Obama made that “if you like your healthcare plan you can keep tour healthcare plan, period” just a mistake. Sorry, this was not a mistake, it was an intention fraud of the American people by Obama and Democrats.

Who knew Cokie Roberts would be the voice of reason and rebut Reich’s comment with, “Unless a year from now, people start seeing their employers dropping their health insurance. And then the — you’ll start to have a whole another wave of reaction against it.” Yup, and that will make the 5+ million people who lost their insurance, where Barack Obama promised they could keep it look like child’s play.


click on pic for VIDEO via RCP

From Real Clear Politics:

ROBERT REICH: Well, justified, not justified. What the president wanted to talk about this week was the fact that there are 350,000, 360,000 enrollees in November, new enrollees in November at the — on the — the

And, in fact, he can’t talk about that.

I mean the attacks on ObamaCare, on the Affordable Care Act, have been absolutely relentless. It was a terrible mistake for him to say what he did.

But, you know, after a while, you’ve got to look at the fact that we have one of the most important reforms of the health care system of the United States ever enacted.

KARL: Is it going to be seen that way a year from now?

REICH: I think it is, because at the present rate of enrollment, we’re going to have over a million people enrolled by January and people are going to stop complaining.

COKIE ROBERTS: Unless a year from now, people start seeing their employers dropping their health insurance. And then the — you’ll start to have a whole another wave of reaction against it.

Reich may want to read the following AP-GfK Poll.

Americans who already have health insurance are blaming President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul for their rising premiums and deductibles, and overall 3 in 4 say the rollout of coverage for the uninsured has gone poorly.

An Associated Press-GfK poll finds that health care remains politically charged going into next year’s congressional elections. Keeping the refurbished website running smoothly is just one of Obama’s challenges, maybe not the biggest.

The poll found a striking level of unease about the law among people who have health insurance and aren’t looking for any more government help. Those are the 85 percent of Americans who the White House says don’t have to be worried about the president’s historic push to expand coverage for the uninsured.

In the survey, nearly half of those with job-based or other private coverage say their policies will be changing next year — mostly for the worse. Nearly 4 in 5 (77 percent) blame the changes on the Affordable Care Act, even though the trend toward leaner coverage predates the law’s passage.

Sixty-nine percent say their premiums will be going up, while 59 percent say annual deductibles or copayments are increasing.

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    4 Responses to “Robert Reich Says on ABC’s ‘This Week’ … People will “Stop Complaining” About Obamacare Once Enrollment Numbers Increase … Doubt It!!!”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on December 16th, 2013 10:45 am

      Robert Reich is just another member of the Clinton progressive crowd who are always looking for more government control of the people. He will always hew to the latest talking points of the Democrats.

    2. mc on December 16th, 2013 11:07 am

      These people in Congress, the Democrats who voted for Obamacare, average six figure incomes a year, with a healthy pension, and generous vacations.

      Therefore it is not surprising these Democrats in Congress can forget that many, many middle class Americans are forced to live on a tight budget–even more so now with lay offs and reduced hours thanks to Obamacare.

      Whether or not more people sign up for Obamacare, their lives will still be negatively impacted with higher premiums, higher deductibles and lower quality care.

    3. katts on December 16th, 2013 1:36 pm

      Read one of his books in the 1990′s, which seemed sensible. Appears his kool-aide has been (heavily), spiked with psychotropic somethings.

      Sure, people will stop complaining – they’ll be dead or on a financial ventilator, rendering them unable to speak

      There are no words for this delusional moroon .

    4. SUPER DAVE on December 17th, 2013 3:52 pm

      this guy even lookss like a butt sucking democrat. thay all have the same dog caught eating
      $hit look about them.

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