FOX News White House Reporter Ed Henry To WH Press Secretary Jay Carney … It Doesn’t Sound Like ObamaCare Website Is Actually Fixed


This is how the Obama White House defines meeting their Obamacare goals, when site is stressed, instead of getting an error message, they send you off to an overload area and send you an email to try again later.

Yesterday, Fox News White House reporter Ed Henry held Press Secretary Baghdad Bob Jay Carney’s feet to the fire and questioned whether the Obama administration had actually met the deadline of fixing the web site. People are getting a cue message, instead of an error message. The individuals are still not enrolling, they are just getting placed in another line to wait. But this is the governments definition of success. So what did Carney do in his response, got defensive of course. Note to Obama Admin, you have no more “trust” capital with the American people. Either start telling the truth and acting like humans to others who you have consistently lied to for feel their wrath in 2014, 2016 and thereafter.

These people are still playing politics and being disingenuous with the American people even after they have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

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