Democrats Need to Worry About a Lot More than Just Obamacare Web Site Problems in 2014 … They Have a Trust Problem, and That Economy Thing


Hey Democrats, it is not the Obamacare web site that is the from, it is the law, the logistics and the lies …

A WAPO oped penned by Marc A. Thiessen points out the real issues that Democrats should be panicked over for the 2014 midterm election, not the disastrous roll-out or relaunch of the failed web page, There is a reason why no one who voted for Obamacare, only Democrats and no Republicans, never read the 2000 pages of the Obamacare bill before passage. Then, Speaker of the House made the foolish comment, we have to pass the bill in order to see what’s in it. Really? Only politicians with an agenda have to put their hand into the fire to see if they get burned. Now in the wake of the Obamacare roll-out and Americans finally finding out what is being inflicted upon them, they are mad as hell. Democrats are now panicked that they are in trouble for 2014.   However, the main issue here is Americans are not just angry about a broken Web site; they are angry about a broken promise.

There is a reason why Obama’s job approval ratings are averaging in the near 30′s. And it is not just about Obamacare, check out his average polling at RCP on handing the economy, it is in the 30′s.

VIDEO – Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) says at 1:03, “if you like the healthcare plan you have, you can keep it”.

  1. 5.5 million.  That is how many people the administration needs to sign up in just 23 days because Obamacare drove them out of their health-care plans. That’s some 240,000 sign-ups every single day, just to break even. Getting that many enrolled in a few weeks would be extraordinarily difficult even if the Web site were working perfectly, which it isn’t.
  2. 50 million. That is how many Americans will be surprised to find their employer-based health plans dropped or substantially changed next year because of Obamacare. Some will see their plans canceled; others will lose their doctors and see premiums or deductibles rise dramatically.
  3.  53.  That is the percentage of Americans who now say that President Obama is not “honest or trustworthy.” Americans are not just questioning Obama’s competence, they also are questioning his integrity.
  4. 12.  That is the number of Senate Democrats up for reelection in 2014 who are complicit in Obama’s lie. They are on record (and on YouTube) making the same false promise. Democrat Sens. Mary Landrieu (LA) ,Mark Pryor (AR) , Sen. Kay Hagan (NC) , Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (NH), Sen. Mark Begich (AK), Sen. Mark Warner (VA) all in one way or another are on record of making promises that you can keep your heathcare plan if you like it.
  5. 7.  That is the number of states with vulnerable Democratic-held senate seats that also have Republican governors. Why is this important? Because Obamacare premiums are set to skyrocket next year. No wonder the president moved next year’s Obamacare sign-up date to 11 days after Election Day. The flaw in his plan is that the nation’s governors will know the new rates before Election Day. In blue states, Democratic governors may keep the secret, but in red states, such as Alaska, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina, New Mexico and South Dakota, Republican governors won’t.

You can fix a web site, maybe … fixing trust, that’s near impossible.

Oh, and by the way, even though Barack Obama has claimed victory and they have met their goals of November 30 … the site still does not work!

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    One Response to “Democrats Need to Worry About a Lot More than Just Obamacare Web Site Problems in 2014 … They Have a Trust Problem, and That Economy Thing”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on December 3rd, 2013 10:14 am

      The Democrats have a problem that isn’t even mentioned in the list. The conservatives via the TEA party and other organizations are hard at work removing Democrats from any office in their communities, states and lastly federal offices.

      The way to destroy a political movement is to keep them out of the political process so that they are not able to have a machine to help get people elected. This will deny them the benefit of a base of trained people.

      When a political party grows to the point that they are able to steal elections, go against the will of the people and try to build a system of elites at the federal level, it is the peoples job to remove them.

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