IDIOT of the Day … Brother Prank Calls Sister with Bomb Hoax Halts San Diego, CA’s I-15 Traffic for Hours on Thanksgiving Day



A brother prank called his unsuspecting sister that a bomb was in the car, the next thing you know she pulls over her car on the highway and calls 911. The bomb squad was called and everyone can guess what happened next on a busy California highway was people tried to get to their Thanksgiving Day destinations.  It turned out to be a hoax but that did not stop traffic from being stopped for hours on I-15 on Thanksgiving Day. Supposedly the sister had no idea it was her brother making the prank call. Honestly, who thinks that it is funny to call some one and say there is a bomb in their car? Yea, real funny. But the unnamed brother will not be laughing now, the authorities have arrested the brother and will be booking him into San Diego jail on felony charges.

Hey brain surgeon, this is the reason why you are not allowed to yell fire or bomb in a movie theater either, so please don’t try that next Thanksgiving!

Idiot of the Day

A prank phone call between a brother and sister involving a bomb hoax led officials to block traffic in both directions on San Diego’s busy Interstate 15 on Thanksgiving afternoon.

The freeway shutdown began around 2:45 p.m. at northbound and southbound I-15 near Miramar Way.

Lt. Lorenzo Ruano with the California Highway Patrol said a woman was driving on the freeway with a friend when she received a phone call from an unknown person, whose voice she did not recognize. The person on the other end told the woman there was a bomb in her car.

Frightened, Lt. Ruano said the woman immediately pulled over by the center divide on northbound I-15, just south of the Miramar Way overpass, and called 911.

UPDATE I: Check out the VIDEO at Legal Insurrection at the 0:17 mark where the fool girl thinks that “this is hysterical”. Wow really? I guess she must find dwarf tossing funny as well.

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