The Deep Blue State of Washington State Says It Won’t Allow Obama’s Administrative Health Plan “Fix”


Obamacare spiraling out of control …

The insurance commissioner in the liberal, deep blue state of Washington says no to Barack Obama’s healthcare fix that he put forth yesterday. Obama announced an administrative fix, code for unlawful executive edict, at a presser in an attempt to save his and other Democrat’s political bacon. After Obamacare forced every state and and every insurance company to spend untold millions to adapt to Obama’s signature piece of legislation, Barack Obama now tells them it’s okay to forget all that and change back to the old way. But just for one year. Are you kidding me. Oh, did we mention this walking disaster of an undisciplined, leaderless, joke of a president even managed to show up to the press conference 1/2 hour late? However, how exactly can Obama change a law in midstream and then tell state insurance commissioners to follow his latest whim, in order to save face? With the heat on as his pole numbers are sinking fast, Barack Obama now looks to once again shift the blame on to some one else, because the buck never stops with him. But, as the Lonely Conservative opines, “Who will they blame this on? Those evil Democrat Insurance Commissioners?”

America, this is what you get when you hire an unqualified, community agitator to be a CEO. Instead we have a misleader in office who is completely incapable of doing the job.


Washington state’s insurance commissioner says President Barack Obama’s proposal on old insurance policies isn’t a good deal for Washington citizens.

Commissioner Mike Kreidler said Thursday he won’t allow insurance companies to extend their old policies that didn’t meet the requirements of federal health care reform. An estimated 290,000 Washington residents have received notices that their old insurance policies will be canceled.

“Trying to do what the president has proposed would be very disruptive to the insurance market in the sate of Washington so no, we will not be allowing insurance companies to extend these policies,” he said. “You’d have to go back and re-rate all of the policies, and the premises for what they originally proposed rates would all change.”

Kreidler, a Democrat, says all of them can get better coverage on the new health care exchange. He says at least half of them will qualify for a subsidy to help them pay the premium.

“I have empathy for these people, I certainly feel for them, but at the same time, people really have a chance right now to shop and compare various health plans and make some decisions that best fits themselves and their families in ways that could never do before,” Kreidler said. “But if you wind up extending these current plans that are out there, you really disrupt the ability for that to happen.”

When asked if he was worried his decision was going to upset those who just heard earlier in the day they could keep their insurance, Kreidler replied that having the new policies that meet minimum coverage requirements will be beneficial to them in case of a major health incident.

PJ Media reports Arkansas will also go to allow the Obama “fix”.

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    3 Responses to “The Deep Blue State of Washington State Says It Won’t Allow Obama’s Administrative Health Plan “Fix””

    1. super dave on November 15th, 2013 8:55 am

      sounds like the insurance commissioner is as stupid as obama . must run in the family.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on November 15th, 2013 10:19 am

      The hardline Democrats will try to maintain the original position as long as possible. This is a real piece of trash legislation that was dreamed up by the socialists that occupy positions in our colleges and university system.

      This is pure socialism by way of government forcing the issue. It will never work properly and should be repealed by congress.

      When you have inexperienced people trying to run the country, the old dogs will run the country instead. This happened with Harry Reid and Nancy pelosi with a Democrat majority in Congress.

      Our founders never intended for the federal government to be the large out of control mess it has become. Term limits on all members of congress will put a big block in front of those that want to control others via laws that do not meet a constitutional test.

    3. kashekamon on November 15th, 2013 5:57 pm

      Obama is the criminal of all criminals….you die hard Democrat criminals are not supporting a party that you were wants dedicated too. He’s a fraud….got it!!!!

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