Thanks Barack Obama … In North Dakota Only 30 People Sign Up for Obamacare While 35,000 Lose Their Health Insurance


GOOD GRIEF … In North Dakota, 30 people sign up for Obamacare as 35,000 will or already have lost their healthcare insurance.

More examples of the failures of Obamacare and the “law of intended” circumstances. According to the South Dakota insurance commission a pathetic 30 individuals have signed up for Obamacare. However, a whopping 35,000 people are, or will be, losing their existing health insurance, because of Obamacare. So much for keeping your healthcare insurance if you like it.

The state’s largest health insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, covers about 31,600 members – 17,000 in small groups and 14,600 individuals – whose insurance plans are being discontinued.That combined figure represents 8 percent of the North Dakota Blues’ 400,000 membership total.

Medica sent notices affecting 3,173 members that their policies are being discontinued and informing them of their options.

The Sanford Health Plan sent discontinuation notices to about 450 members, all individuals, whose insurance plans did not meet the new coverage qualifications, which begin to take effect Jan. 1.That represents about 50 percent of the Sanford plan’s individual policyholders in North Dakota, said Ruth Krystopolski, president of the Sanford Health Plan.

The Weekly Standard:

“New information tonight, on the number of North Dakotans signing up for health insurance, under the state’s federally-run marketplace,” says the local reporter. “The insurance commission says just 30-people have signed up so far.”

“Three insurance companies are doing business in the marketplace: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medica, and Sanford. Those 3 companies say more than 35,000 people are, or will be, losing their existing health insurance, because of Obamacare.”

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