North Carolina Health Care Exchanges … Only 1 Person Has Successfully Signed Up for Obamacare


The following story is brought to you by the number 1 and the letters, E-P-I-C- and F-A-I-L.

Aa Three Dog Night sang, ‘One is the loneliest number’ and ONE also appears to be the amount of individuals that have successfully enrolled into Obamacare in North Carolina through the NC healthcare exchanges. To make matters worse, if possible, that individual was also already a target of identity theft.


Barack Obama points out just how many individuals in NC have successfully enrolled in Obamacare … way to go Mr. President

North Carolina’s largest insurer is having its share of problems with the Obamacare website.

Internal emails obtained by WNCN-TV show that Blue Cross Blue Shield show that only 1,000 people had filled out applications as of October 15th.

In fact, only one person was able to successfully use to enroll in the new exchange.

But even that single person has not paid, which means the enrollment is not complete.

The emails suggest the “payment re-direct option” on government servers isn’t working.

Blue Cross Blue Shield found the entire system is so filled with glitches that the company decided not to upload data because it was afraid false information might enter its computer system.

And the emails reveal a scammer was using the insurer’s name to try to obtain personal information.

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    3 Responses to “North Carolina Health Care Exchanges … Only 1 Person Has Successfully Signed Up for Obamacare”

    1. rob on November 8th, 2013 2:10 pm

      Did Alaska ever get ANYONE to sign up?

    2. on November 8th, 2013 9:16 pm

      and we are surprised? Many of us knew long ago that OBCare would be an epic failure.

      Thanks to all the peeps that voted for this inexperienced lying SOB

    3. David B Ray on November 15th, 2013 7:07 am

      I am SHOCKED and AMAZED to be a part of the Government’s Healthcare Debacle.
      Reports have it that I am the only person here in the whole state of North Carolina, that successfully enrolled on the HEALTHCARE.GOV’s website.
      If anyone else has or knows anyone that has maybe done so recently, please comment below. Tell me when you did and what was your experience. I finally enrolled on the HEALTHCARE.GOV website a couple week ago only after numerous failed attempts to enter the website to do so.
      I started my enrollment on Oct.1st but never was able to enter the website after setting up my log in information. Even after finally being able to enroll though, I still haven’t taken the last step to purchase a insurance plan as of date to finish my enrollment.
      After hearing them talk about the number’s of American’s that still had not enrolled on the news Tuesday night, and that only one person here in the state had enrolled, my first thought was “There is no way.” that can be, surely that can’t be me!!! But after reading the following article I then realized that the one single person to enroll was ME!! Wow what the odds of that?? SmokinDaveWNC

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