Obama Administration Was Warned About Obamacare Health Care Website (Healthcare.gov) Was Not Ready to Go Live


The Obama administration was warned one month before the October 1 rollout date that the Obamacare web site, Healthcare.gov, was a no go. But as we now know, Healthcare.gov was launched any how and was a complete and total, embarrassing disaster.

And the problems were just a matter of time. For a “severe” and “high priority” problem, CGI warned that the company “does not have access to necessary tools to manage envs [environments] in test, imp,  and prod,” three stages of site development where the page is tested, improved and produced.

“Specifically (1) we don’t have access to central log collection / view (2) we don’t have access to monitoring tools,” the documents reads. “We have repeatedly asked CMS and URS but have not been granted this access.”

From CNN:

The Obama administration was given stark warnings just one month before launch that the federal healthcare site was not ready to go live, according to a confidential report obtained by CNN.

The caution, from the main contractor CGI, warned of a number of open risks and issues for the HealthCare.gov web site even as company executives were testifying publicly that the project had achieved key milestones.

On Capitol Hill on Tuesday, Medicaid Chief Marilyn Tavenner, whose job it was to oversee the October 1 rollout of the website, said she did not foresee its problems.

“No, we had tested the website and we were comfortable with its performance,” she said. “Now, like I said, we knew all along there would be as with any new website, some individual glitches we would have to work out. But, the volume issue and the creation of account issues was not anticipated and obviously took us by surprise. And did not show up in testing.”

Here are the docs from CGI.

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    2 Responses to “Obama Administration Was Warned About Obamacare Health Care Website (Healthcare.gov) Was Not Ready to Go Live”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on October 30th, 2013 11:39 am

      The more we learn the more mistakes surface. This is a case of poor design and implementation that was forced to go “live” by a date that was not a part of the law. The Secretary chose the date.

      She appears to know little about the design and innerworkings of the system. The attitude of “we will go live on a certain date regardless” is a leader who is stubborn and ignorant of technology.

    2. Lightwave on October 30th, 2013 1:02 pm


      Hearings now need to focus on whether or not this is the most incompetent administration in American history, or the most reprehensible. Was Obameecare designed to fail (as it will now for sure without millions of young, healthy Americans getting fleeced to pay for the moochers, complete with premiums that will double yearly until collapse of the system) or did these morons really think it would work?

      What did Obamee know, and when did he know it?

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