Pew Research Poll, The Failure of Barack Obama to Black America: Only 26% Say the Situation of Black People in US is Better Now Than It was 5 Years Ago


Barack Obama – The Phony President: Wasn’t Barack Obama supposed to be the answer for Blacks Americans … not even close, he is not the one they were waiting for.

Wasn’t everything supposed to change for blacks in America when Barack Obama was elected in 2008? Obama was supposed to part the seas, “The One” was supposed to help blacks because they helped him get elected. They were no loner going to have to worry about paying for their “gas and  mortgage” (VIDEO) because their Savior, the Obamamessiah was President. So after having elected the first black president, how is it that only 26% of black America think that their situation is better today than it was five years ago before “The One” was elected? That is correct, according to a PEW Research poll, only 26% of blacks say that their situation is better today than before Obama was elected. That is down from 39% in 2009 when they fell for the “Hope & Change” nonsense, hook, line and sinker.

Just the other day it was reported that under Obama, only the top 5% have benefited. The remaining 95% have not and are still feeling the effects of a recession. Where do you think a majority of minorities fall in the 5%-95% range?

PEW_black Progress

The sense of progress black Americans felt in 2009, on the heels of Barack Obama’s historic election as president, seems to have reversed itself. Today, only about one-in-four (26%) say the situation of black people in this country is better now than it was five years ago, down sharply from 39% who said this in 2009. Nearly as many (21%) say the situation of black people is worse today, and 51% say it’s about the same.

The positive feelings registered in 2009 among blacks represented one of the peaks in this long-term trend. Even in the face of the Great Recession, blacks seemed buoyed by the promise of an Obama presidency. This poll does not provide evidence as to what caused the downward shift in opinions about black progress. However, the fading glow of Obama’s first term and the lingering effects of the recession are likely to have been important factors. [...]

In the most recent Pew Research survey, the share of both whites and blacks who see short-term progress for black Americans is down significantly from the 2009 levels. For whites, the current share (35%) saying the situation of African Americans is better than it was five years ago is similar to what it was in 2007 and lower than it had been in the mid-1980s and 1990s. For blacks, the share saying blacks are better off today (26%) has returned to roughly where it was prior to Obama’s election.

Barack Obama was not the one they had been waiting for, far from it. Obama has made promises and delivered on nothing except maybe make minorities even more dependent on government. If a white president was in office under these circumstances there would be marches in the streets and cries of discrimination. Seriously folks, how did Obama get reelected and why? If blacks think they are worse off than they were before his election in 2008, why would blacks  have voted for Obama at a rate of +90%?

We are the One’s we have been waiting for … Not even Close

What is truly amazing is that under a black president just how bad the perception is among blacks that their situation is terrible. Let’s face it Obama has been a total failure for blacks in America. Black unemployment is high, teen blacks unemployment is through the roof, and food stamps are given out like candy. Black unemployment under Obama is now once again double that of whites. Blacks have not made strides under Obama, they have regressed. Obama has done nothing economically for them, because he has done nothing for America.

Black adults are much more likely than whites to say the average black person is worse off financially than the average white person (59% vs. 39%). Whites, meanwhile, are more likely than blacks to say the average black person is about as well off as the average white person (43% vs. 27%).

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    4 Responses to “Pew Research Poll, The Failure of Barack Obama to Black America: Only 26% Say the Situation of Black People in US is Better Now Than It was 5 Years Ago”

    1. rob on August 27th, 2013 10:46 am

      Obama never wanted to help blacks get jobs and make them more properous. He only wanted to get more of them on goverment assistance and totally reliant on Uncle Sam.
      I feel so sorry for someone who gets a check on the first on the month, spends it within 2 days, then has 28 more days of month left to wait for another tidbit.
      It’s not just blacks, its all races, who believe that getting that tiny gov’t handout makes them win. Really it only makes them enslaved, and jealous of people who work and try to have something in life.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on August 27th, 2013 11:04 am

      The Socialist/Democrats were only using the black voter to build a base large enough to win the election. Barry is the product of Affirmative Action as is his wife. Neither could pass writing composition at the eighth grade level.

      The blacks do not have a great cadre of leaders who care about their real well being. If they did, we would not see the constant regression in the black communities. When there is regression, in a community there is always a group that will take advantage of the situation. This group is using the condition to better only themselves.

      This has been created by the Democrat party through the JFK/LBJ “Great Society” programs begun in the 1960′s. The roots of that come from the progressive ideas of the FDR administrations of the 1930′s.

      Socialism has never produced a successful country. The only things it produces are social elites and dictators with the people becoming slaves to their government. The black communities have been taken back into the era of slavery by the federal government of the USA. Very few have managed to escape.

      Government handouts for housing,food,clothing, schools and other things are all about control. If the people receiving the handouts know they will continue, there will be little incentive to make the effort to get out of the situation.

      For at least three generations, the blacks have been sold an idea that has put them in financial and physical slavery to the government. They are never forced to do actual work for all that is given to them. The young women are rewarded for becoming baby factories by giving them more money for each child they produce. The fathers are not made to be responsible for those children.

      Until society and the government begin to change this situation, it will only get worse. Blacks who do not get an real education cannot advance in a society that has no need of vast numbers of agricultural workers.

      The blacks have done the very thing that was such a concern of Thomas Jefferson and some of the other founders. They have for the most part refused to become an integrated part of the American society. A few have seen the light and made the necessary changes to make themselves successful,but the vast majority have not.

    3. katts on August 27th, 2013 11:52 am

      Success is all about personal introspection and education education education, both hard work. And we all know about hard work. Diminished and demeaned.

      The black community will go into a death spiral if Amnesty, and when Obamacare kicks in.
      They still won’t get it.

    4. super dave on August 28th, 2013 1:42 pm

      everyone thinks that they will only pay $95 the first year if they don’t sign up for dummycare. read the fine print. IRS today finally stated it will be $95 OR 1% of your HOUSEHOLD income. middle class white people get screwed again by the illegal kenyan goat milker.

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