Donald Trump Warns GOP at Family Leadership Summit in Iowa … Immigration Bill (Amnesty) “Could Be a Death Wish’ for Republican Party”


Does it really take Donald Trump to state the obvious for Republicans to get a clue? Obviously, it does. 

Donald Trump spoke at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa on Saturday and warned the GOP of the dangers of passing immigration reform. The event was organized by The Family Leader, a Christian conservative organization. Donald Trump warned the GOP that the proposed immigration bill will be a “death wish” for the Republican Party. Trump went on to say that border security is a must. The Donald is correct. For anyone, especially Republicans, who thinks that the 11 to 15 million illegals in the United States are going to vote for the GOP, you are delusional. For any one who thinks at the illegals will be tax payers are delusional as well. We already have a bout 50% of Americans who do not pay federal income taxes, what category do you think illegals will fall? Let alone the additional subsidies, welfare, food stamps and other entitlement programs. We cannot afford the current welfare state, how are we going to be able to afford the one with 11+ million more illegals and the rest that pour over the border that a government refuses to protect?

Donald Trump on Saturday made his first-ever political visit to Iowa, speaking to conservative Christians, stoking speculation about his political plans and labeling the United States a “laughingstock” during an interview with NBC News.

He warned the Family Leadership Summit in an evening speech that Republicans will have a “really tough” time in the 2016 presidential race if Hillary Clinton runs. He said the Senate’s immigration bill “could be a death wish” for the Republican Party but insisted the GOP has to do “the right thing.” And he bragged about buying the old Post Office building in Washington: “You have the White House, you have Congress and I’m building right in the middle!”

Hat Tip Video – The Gateway Pundit

“People come in illegal. You need border security. It all starts. Either you have a country or you don’t. It’s very simple. You either have a country or you don’t. And having a country starts with security at your borders … Now, when it comes to immigration you have to do the right thing. You have to. In your own heart you’re dealing with lives, you’re dealing with human beings. You have to do the right thing. But it’s gotta be done in a very smart and methodical method. The Republicans, let’s say, I hear 11 million illegals. Well, I hear the number could be much higher than that. If you do something where they get a vote just remember, and I think I was the first one to say it. I don’t know if you remember, I said this a long time ago when it first came up. Every one of those people, virtually, will be voting Democratic. Do what’s right but be careful. It could be a death wish for the Republican Party.”

Amnesty for illegals will not only be the death of the Republican party, it will be the death of the United States as we know it. Imagine this, we already have an unsustainable welfare states, now we are going to add another 11 million to it and make matters worse? The point of a responsible immigration policy is to let the right people in to sustain the country, not add 90% low income workers just because the entered our country illegally and broke our laws.

Imagine allowing 11 million new Democrat voters into America who become part of the “what can the government give me” class. How could the GOP ever win another election?

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    13 Responses to “Donald Trump Warns GOP at Family Leadership Summit in Iowa … Immigration Bill (Amnesty) “Could Be a Death Wish’ for Republican Party””

    1. Tamikosmom on August 11th, 2013 9:58 am

      There are sufficient RINOS voting with the Democrats on appointees and policies that affords the required votes to further the agenda of the Islamic appeaser/Marxist occupying the White House in regards to Obamacare. Are these RINOS Democrat plants who said what Conservative wanted to hear to get elected or … are they Republican sell-outs? Either way … the illusion of an opposition is just that … an illusion.

      Gutierrez: I’ve got 40-50 GOP votes for immigration reform
      Published: August 8

      [AUDIO] Harry Reid: John McCain controls about 10 people and that’s all I needed to get things done in Senate.
      August 9th, 2013

      “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    2. Tamikosmom on August 11th, 2013 10:44 am

      The following are either Democrat plants or Republican sell outs. Either way the implication is that the democratic system in America has been manipulated by the left when elected Republican representatives can articulate all the words that Conservatives want to hear while failing to walk the talk when it counts. Think about it. If it were not for the RINO votes in the Senate … the required 60 votes would not have been reached for the passing of the Comprehensive Immigration Bill.

      Senate roll vote for immigration bil1
      Published June 27, 2013

      Republicans Yes – Alexander, Tenn.; Ayotte, N.H.; Chiesa, N.J.; Collins, Maine; Corker, Tenn.; Flake, Ariz.; Graham, S.C.; Hatch, Utah; Heller, Nev.; Hoeven, N.D.; Kirk, Ill.; McCain, Ariz.; Murkowski, Alaska; Rubio, Fla.

    3. mac on August 11th, 2013 12:36 pm

      Rant for the Day:

      The Obama and the European Troika (EU Project), objectives, are to insure the death of the US and Europe as we knew/know them, (fundamental change).

      Destroy to rebuild, but the populations are complicient through complacency or active vote.

      Our American problems are not unique, no accident. This exact plan of destruction has been implemented in Europe as the EU Project, where the individual sovereignty of European countries are purposely being destroyed or weakened in order to “federalize,” unify, the countries of Europe under a centralized government as the individual states were federalized.

      Europe is being subjected to the same damaging policies as the US through purposely dumbing down education, fermenting riots, annihilating jobs, and the destruction of the countries’ health care and financial systems. All exacerbated by intentional political policies allowing for an explosion of unsustainable welfare programs, mass third world immigration, and job outsourcing.

      The results essentially insure the indenturement of populations both financially and governmentally to a partnership of Germany (i.e. the Troika) and a US regime

      Spoke with another school teacher yesterday, the gist being that the kids were so dumb, (uneducated) she had no idea how they would compete in the world. In middle school they could not write complete sentences, but expected, as did their parents, to pass.

      This teacher implied that “Core” would be a joke as the students had zero interest in learning, and zero aspiration. You can’t make them learn. She also mentioned their atrocious behavior as they swore with impunity at the teachers, and even the school security officers.

      As Suzie Orman noted, “America, a nation of renters” and “The jobs are not coming back.”

      Love or hate Donald Trump his children are educated, mannered, and clean cut, with the baby Baron being tri-lingual. Also be assured his children read and write cursive while Middle America has been brain washed to believe it unnecessary,therefore its schoolastic elimination.

      If cursive writing, a communication basic, is so completely archaic why then are the children of Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs still being taught? What do they understand that Middle America doesn’t.

    4. Tamikosmom on August 11th, 2013 1:40 pm

      #3 “Destroy to rebuild”



      The masses will be begging for a dictator to bring about a semblance of peace out of the chaos. Will governing ideology have a foundation in Sharia Law or Marxism?

    5. mac on August 11th, 2013 1:51 pm

      American Thinker

      We appear to be fulfilling a prophecy of the ancients, preparing ourselves for an eventual return to our roots — namely, oral tradition. Or rather, to the precursor to such a tradition: a semi-verbal state of disjointed, prefabricated phrases that carry only vague signification, interspersed with emotive grunts and squeals — and a devouring sea of violence, which is how men communicate when reason and language fail them.

    6. bob smetters on August 11th, 2013 5:55 pm

      Has anyone heard? Are now supposed to say General Petreaous gave an order to stand down and murdered those 4 men, since it was revealed to be a CIA operation, or do we keep saying Clinton did and hope no one knows the difference between the state dept and CIA? Someone needs to come out and tell us which way to go on this.

    7. mac on August 11th, 2013 6:36 pm

      No idea. It seems unlikely that he would give such an order, but possibly why his affair was outed…as punishment.

      I’ve read it possible that Supreme Court Justice Kennedy may have have been blackmailed by the Obama adminstrtion to vote for Obamacare based on some issues with his adopted children. They were adopted through Peru although of Irish descent.

      Could this have been a similar fate of Madeleine Mccann? Life is strange.

    8. mac on August 11th, 2013 6:59 pm

      @ # 4
      Certainly no expert but likely Fascism.
      “that a fascist is someone with no particular belief system, they only believe in whatever is expedient at the moment. In addition, according to fascism, everything is done for the benefit of the state to the exclusion of the individual.”

      Relative to fascism: FATCA now takes effect Summer of 2014. Another 1,000 + Wealthy Americans have renounced their US citzenship to protect their family wealth and assets.

      “Yet I would expect that as the number of expatriates continue to grow, this exit tax will become more and more onerous as the government tries to trap people, and their wealth, in the country.”

    9. Tamikosmom on August 11th, 2013 7:44 pm

      #3 … Europe and the United States? Canada needs to be added to the list where the writing is on the wall. European countries and America are headed for destruction with pedals to the metal while Canada has slowed to a cruise. However … the next election could change the pace and the Maple Leaf Forever may take the lead.

      So many do not get it.

      “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

      Ronald Reagan

    10. mac on August 11th, 2013 10:40 pm

      @ #9
      Yes, Canadian seems to have a plan to self-destruct only at a slower pace. Although I’ve read they’re banking system is solvent and in very good order unlike ours. (????)

      Canadian wages and culture will also likely have to be diluted or destroyed to gain competetiveness in the new, third world economic “serf” model.

      It makes sense as the Nafta Highway, I69 runs from Mexico through the US midwest, and up to the Canadian border. The artery of a future North American trading block?

      Besides the potential for the illegal immigration of Mexican nationals using I69 as their pathway into Canada, Canada appears to also be experiencing a surge of arriving third world Muslims much to its citzens outrage.

      May 2013

      “Next week’s news may well see calls to limit Muslim immigration, and by some to limit all immigration from the Third World.”

      AS for their medical system, already over burened. My doctor’s office has a steady stream of Canadian clientel who come for tests, which can require a 6 month Canadian wait.

    11. bob smetters on August 12th, 2013 8:43 am

      As long as we are making lists of RINOs, why not make a list of all the republicans that voted no to the resent Conyers-Amash bill to restrict NSA data collections.

    12. mac on August 12th, 2013 10:45 am

      So, it’s ridiculous to believe there are global desires to usurp the stability, to disempower historical “white” Anglo-Saxon law/rule by third world illegal immigrate, minority voters to insure the political sovereignty of the (very) few, by creating social and political chaos:

      The voting power of ethnic minority groups has more than doubled in the UK, a report has found. The massive change in the electoral demographic could tip the balance in the next general elections amid rising racial tensions in the UK.

      As part of a crackdown on illegal immigration in the UK the British government sent vans emblazoned with the slogan “Go home or face arrest” into London boroughs with high immigrant populations. The government styled the initiative as an “alternative to arrest” but enraged opposition has branded it as “stupid and intimidatory.”

      Illegal immigrants through their lack of assimilation choose to create the same hell holes they escaped from, all awhile Whites ponder their Puritan guilt, and “lack” of charity, to again be whammed, bammed, and thank-you ma’med!

      That’s laughable.

      Re Alitybud12.08.2013 14:20
      As white British I’m in a minority (~ 45%) in my borough of London, and this is not an unusual borough. It feels like I’ve been transported to a foreign country.

      Thee immigrants tend to live in clusters (some might say ghettoes) according to their various ethnic origins. English is not a language one hears much at all on the streets or in public places anywhere now.

      In short, cultural integration does not seem to figure in their agendas. Multiculturalism is merely a naive ideal; the reality is, it doesn’t work now and never has.

    13. mac on August 12th, 2013 6:25 pm

      @ #11
      Your right BOB. Make one.

      There are lists of:
      Gun control Republicans
      Pro Obamacare Republicans
      Pro Amnesty Republicans

      All need to be printed for distribution come 2014

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