The Buckeye Firearms Foundation Raises $12K To Buy George Zimmerman Guns & Security Systems (Update: Appears Massive Denial of Service Attack of Website)


A Second Amendment battle of a right to bear arms turns into a First Amendment attack, denial of service …

An Ohio firearms group, the Buckeye Firearms Foundation, has raised $12,000 for George Zimmerman to be speant on guns and security systems. George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer, was found not guilty of murder and manslaughter earlier this month by a jury in the death of Trayvon Martin. However, since the verdict Zimmerman and his family have received countless death threats. This donation was also a reaction to Attorney General Eric Holder and the DOJ not giving Zimmerman’s gun back following his trial.  The check for $12,150.37 sent to George Zimmerman could also be used in his legal defense.


An Ohio firearms group has raised more than $12,000 to be spent on guns or a security system for George Zimmerman, the former neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted in the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida. But the money could end up being used to pay for Zimmerman’s defense costs and fees.

The $12,150.37 check that the group wrote to Zimmerman is the result of a fundraising effort that was launched because the group believes Zimmerman’s gun rights are being violated by the U.S. Department of Justice. The department has taken all the evidence from the trial, including the gun that killed Martin, as part of a civil rights investigation.

UPDATE I: It appears the website of the Buckeye Firearms Foundation has experienced a massive denial of service attack. Is it any wonder why the Gerstle family, who was helped rescued by George Zimmerman when their SUV over-turned, wanted to stay out of the public eye for fear of being attacked themselves.

A Denial of Service web attack took down the Ohio-based Buckeye Firearms Association website on Wednesday after the association sent George Zimmerman a check to purchase a new firearm.

Director of Marketing and Communications Dean Rieck sent out an email statement Wednesday afternoon, saying the overwhelming attack took out both Buckeye Firearms Association and Buckeye Firearms Foundation’s websites.

“Our IT guy says it’s a ‘denial of service’ or DoS attack. This is not the ordinary ‘hack’ attack that we’ve experienced many times in the past,” Rieck said. ”A DoS attack involves using significant resources to bombard a server to temporarily or permanently disrupt service.”

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    3 Responses to “The Buckeye Firearms Foundation Raises $12K To Buy George Zimmerman Guns & Security Systems (Update: Appears Massive Denial of Service Attack of Website)”

    1. Rightknight on July 27th, 2013 12:32 pm

      Oppressive governments pick and choose who and
      what they go after and attack. Ignoring the Constitution
      and acting lawless are signs of this. What in the world
      would our ‘government’ be doing so involved with this
      case besides fomenting racial divides and stumping for
      more gun control? What a sick agenda this regime is

    2. A Texas Grandfather on July 27th, 2013 12:44 pm

      This organization should make an effort to determine the source(s) of the attack. If it is traceable back to the left wing groups or to the worthless DOJ, then criminal charges should be made by the State of Ohio.

      The American conservatives are under mob attack. The rule of law is under attack at the same time.

    3. Black Bird on July 28th, 2013 1:14 am

      “Stand Your Ground” laws are a blatant White Supremacist, Racist attempt to legalize lynching and murdering Blacks!
      SM: You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Stand your ground laws are simply another version of self-defense. You might want to read the story below and educate yourself and stop accepting the race-bating hate hook, line and sinker.

      Blacks benefit from Florida ‘Stand Your Ground’ law at disproportionate rate

      Read more:

      African Americans benefit from Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law at a rate far out of proportion to their presence in the state’s population, despite an assertion by Attorney General Eric Holder that repealing “Stand Your Ground” would help African Americans.

      Black Floridians have made about a third of the state’s total “Stand Your Ground” claims in homicide cases, a rate nearly double the black percentage of Florida’s population. The majority of those claims have been successful, a success rate that exceeds that for Florida whites.

      But approximately one third of Florida “Stand Your Ground” claims in fatal cases have been made by black defendants, and they have used the defense successfully 55 percent of the time, at the same rate as the population at large and at a higher rate than white defendants, according to a Daily Caller analysis of a database maintained by the Tampa Bay Times. Additionally, the majority of victims in Florida “Stand Your Ground” cases have been white.

      African Americans used “Stand Your Ground” defenses at nearly twice the rate of their presence in the Florida population, which was listed at 16.6 percent in 2012.

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