Sharptonite Protesters Cheer Reverend Al Sharpton and Jeer Fox News & Geraldo Rivera at Trayvon Martin Rally in Harlem, NY … Is Geraldo a “White” Hispanic As Well?


The Double Standard of the Mob … Hmm, would appear the Trayvon Martin protesters think Geraldo Rivera is a “white” Hispanic as well. 

During the Trayvon Martin rally in Harlem, NY yesterday, the crowd was all vocal with their “no justice, no peace” parroting the rebel rousing lines of the Rev. Al Sharpton until they noticed that FOX News’ Geraldo Rivera was in attendance as well. Individuals in the crowd started yelling, “Geraldo, what are you doing here,”  “Fox get out” and “send them outta here”. Hmm, talk about your irony and double standard among those that claim to be honoring Trayvon Martin.

Let me see if I understand this. Isn’t the outrage from those that claim there was no justice for Trayvon when a jury came back with a verdict of “not guilty” in the George Zimmerman murder trial that Trayvon Marin was profiled and had every right to be where he was and was minding his own business? Doesn’t Geraldo have a right to be at a protest and it would seem that he was a guest of Al Sharpton and had no camera crew there, he was just an attendee. Rather duplicitous by the mob, don’t you think? But then again, only Kool-aid drinking folks are allowed at such gatherings. I guess the Al Sharpton crowd just can’t handle the truth and are bitter at Rivera’s comments that Al Sharpton and race politics drove this case and the murder charges against George Zimmerman. I guess the Sharpton crowd thinks that Geraldo Rivera is a “creepy ass cracker” as well.

More at NRO:

When Sharpton and the Fultons arrived shortly after noon, they were accompanied by Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera in the raised area behind the dais. (He had no cameraman and seemed to be observing the proceedings as a guest.) When a handful of protesters directly behind me spotted Rivera, they began to complain loudly, repeatedly shouting, “Get Fox out!” and “What are you doing here?” and describing the network as “disgusting” (and another, less decorous term). The anti-Fox crowd was sufficiently vocal to compel Sharpton’s attention from the podium; he quieted them down by saying, “Don’t get distracted, let’s focus on what we’re doing now.”

EXIT QUESTION: I wonder how many people at this rally and chanting “no justice, no peace” actually watched the trial, were aware of the evidence presented and understand the law of self defense.

SECOND EXIT QUESTION: Why are none of the protesters concerned about the 61 murders that took place in Chicago during the time that the George Zimmerman murder trail was taking place?

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    6 Responses to “Sharptonite Protesters Cheer Reverend Al Sharpton and Jeer Fox News & Geraldo Rivera at Trayvon Martin Rally in Harlem, NY … Is Geraldo a “White” Hispanic As Well?”

    1. Pat in Alabama on July 21st, 2013 1:55 pm

      The decision of the jurors (those most informed of the actual facts) would be thrown out for the will of the mob.

      These people are calling for a “national conversation”, but that doesn’t seem to include listening to the opinion or viewpoint of others.

      What happened to Trayvon is terrible, but he chose to confront the guy who was stalking him, and in that became part of the problem. If someone stalks me I’m going to RUN!

    2. Rightknight on July 21st, 2013 3:55 pm

      Geraldo says that ’70 is the new 50′ in a tweet today
      that features his ‘Weiner-like’ bathroom selfie shot
      sans clothes. I think Geraldo was referring to his IQ
      with that claim. Mistakes are being made.

    3. kashekamon on July 21st, 2013 4:01 pm

      ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….The black protesting promoted by al sharpton and jesse jackson cannot continue. A 101 cities invaded by protestors who are blocking the sidewalks, streets, business’s and everyone else are being effected. A direct violation of our Civil Rights, trashing the neighborhood’s with garbage, SPITTING and VOMITING, URINATING all over the place, spreading unsanitary conditions EVERYWHERE, we’re slipping on all the spit, NO MORE!!!!!! This is an invasion of our Civil Rights and desperately needs to be dealt with. Shaking hands with sharpton and agreeing with his racial movements. I believe there is proof of the fact that obama(barry sorento) was not born in the United States of America, not entitled to be the President of our country. Destroying it all!!!! A friend and follower of rev wright, friends with terrorist bill gates who bombed the Pentagon. Impeach obama and get rid of the worthless POS eric holder.

      Michelle said living in the White House is like being in prison, she probably cannot leave obama and the White House with her children, mother and herself because she knows too much.

    4. kashekamon on July 21st, 2013 6:54 pm

      This is absolutely gross and intolerant. The saliva and defecating on the pavement and buildings is causing ground and air-borne disease from all the bacteria. Mold and virus will grow, infectious disease will grow and spread, especially fast in this heat.

      If you want to protest, pay to rent a vacant lot and supply rows of port-o-lets. Then fumigate the property when you leave. Take the money from sharpton’s and jackson’s hustler and pimp fund.

      We have a right to protect our health and safety.

    5. Rightknight on July 22nd, 2013 12:12 am

      It would be genuinely interesting to follow the money
      trail of inflow to the racists (Jackson and Sharpton).
      Bet we’d be surprised to find the connections and sources
      for their income (overt and covert). Can’t say it’s a
      respectable business that of race baiting and inflaming.
      Lotta lyin’ and yellin’ goes into it IMHO.

    6. rob on July 22nd, 2013 6:09 am

      I agree that anyone who watched the testimony would know that GZ should have been aquitted. I believe that is why the Martin family did not attend court for the verdict. I saw Sybrina Fulton say on tv, that much of the evidense, she had never heard until she was in the courtroom. I have also heard Rachael Jenteal say that she thought TM threw the first punch. She said that she thought it, but she may have actually listened to it on the phone. Probably why she was so reluctant to come forward after the death of her friend. That was not in testimony, though, but in her media tour following the trial.
      At some point, you have to give up the fight.
      Does GZ really need to go to prison for 30 years, for the percieved injustices of the past?
      If the DOJ brings charges, our system of justice has truly fallen, and no case will ever be final with a verdict again.
      All because a teenager made a bad decision, and decided to sucker punch someone. I have been a teenager, and had a teenage son, and they are known to make bad decisions. They don’t always end in death, but sometimes they do.

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