As the Jury Deliberates the George Zimmerman Murder Case in the Death of Trayvon Martin … When Will the Idiots on Twitter & Social Media be Tried for Threats & Promoting Violence?


Sorry, death threats on social media and the Internet is not free speech.

The prosecution stated in their closing arguments that this case was not about race. Really? One might say that the case has been nothing but about race. Individuals have called Zimmerman a racist for targeting Martin, a black teen. The race baitors have called the Sanford, FL police and the original prosecutors for not arresting George Zimmerman initially.

But beyond that, as the 6 woman jury deliberates the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman as to whether he acted in self-defense in killing Trayvon Martin as Zimmerman’s head was being beaten into the concrete or whether they believe that Zimmerman committed the unlawful killing of Trayvon Martin, but there is another question that needs to be asked and answers … who is going to go after the individuals on twitter and social media who have made death threats against George Zimmerman and incited riots? The authorities have asked for calm, the family of Trayvon Martin have asked for calm and so have the family of George Zimmerman. That has not stopped the heinous and horrendous threats against George Zimmerman. Why are these people not being held responsibly for irresponsible comments. This is not free speech, they are threats. But this is what has become of reverse racism in this country.

How is the following allowed?

Zimmerman_death threat_twitter



From Infowars,

Having tracked such threats for the last two weeks, it is clear that the volume of vows to stage violent disorder is now clearly at its peak as police prepare to counter flash mob violence in both Sanford and Miami.

The defense for George Zimmerman presented its closing argument this morning with the jury expected to deliver its verdict by the middle of next week. However, the rights and wrongs of the case have to a great extent been overshadowed by sustained threats by Trayvon Martin supporters to spark Rodney King-style riots if Zimmerman is found not guilty.

Extremist groups like the New Black Panthers have also promised to oversee a “rebellion” if Zimmerman is acquitted, warning that “If Zimmerman is acquitted there is likely to be unrest all over America, It will be way beyond the capacity of the NBPP.”

Go to Info Wars and see the endless number of death threats against Zimmerman and the threats of riots if these individuals do not get the verdict they want. In other words, the only verdict these folks will consider proper is guilty, otherwise they need to riot and not only harm George Zimmerman, but any one else who looks like that “creepy ass cracker”.

Sorry, but these people need to be tried for making threats. Individuals need to understand there are consequences for their actions and you don’t get to make death threats or threats of violence. This is just a sad commentary of what society has become. This is also what happens when you have an ignorant and divisive President of the United States in Barack Obama interject himself into an investigation and make the ridiculous comment that if he had a son he would look like Trayvon.

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