Mark Levin Slams the George Zimmerman Trial, Says … “The Man Should Never Have Been Charged, It was Self Defense” … Judge Nelson Has Been “Nothing but a Disgrace!”



Conservative talk show host Mark Levin slams the George Zimmerman trial from the stand point that when you look at the country as a whole, there are more important things than the day to day antics of the trial. However, his comments on the trial are mainly on the impact from a societal point of view. Levin’s point is … this man [George Zimmerman] should never have been charged. It was self-defense!!! When you are attacked, you are attacked, end of story. You are free to defend your self if you believe your life is being threatened.

Levin stated, “this case from day one has been about race  baiting and redefining George Zimmerman’s race.”  Honestly, who had ever heard of a “white” Hispanic prior to this case? Levin went on to say that the prosecutors literally have no evidence in this case against Zimmerman. Levin went on to say that this case stunk from the high Heavens from the outset. We had the removal of the Chief of Police Bill Lee, the demotion of the lead investigator and the insertion of a special prosecutor. Then some how we get second degree murder charges against George Zimmerman in which he should never have been charged with. They were going to have a trial, hell or high water.

Listen to Mark Levin’s comments, they are spot on.


click on pic to listen to Levin’s remarks

Hat Tip – The Right Scoop


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    3 Responses to “Mark Levin Slams the George Zimmerman Trial, Says … “The Man Should Never Have Been Charged, It was Self Defense” … Judge Nelson Has Been “Nothing but a Disgrace!””

    1. Mary on July 12th, 2013 5:46 am

      It is amazing I wrote on my Facebook while watching all this go down and I said,” Wow this judge is so biased for the State how will George be able to get a fair trial”. I was immediately attacked by friends telling me how stupid I am and that Zimmerman needs to go to jail as he shot this poor kid. I deleted my message and I thought Geez you cannot even make a comment without being attacked. This judge was very unprofessional and she should be reprimanded for her outbursts.I have to be in Sanford today and I am pretty nervous as their is so much animosity ……their are hundreds of Media trucks parked at the courthouse from all over the world. To think that our President and the DOJ has caused all this conflict. It’s a shame….. someone may go to prison because of the manipulation of a unfair Judge and her puppets.

    2. super dave on July 12th, 2013 8:30 am

      the democrat party and most blacks are race baiters and would love to see this guy killed instead of getting a fair trial. he will be railroaded into prison where he will have no chance of surviving because he killed a would be thug that just happened to be black. if martin had been white and zimmerman black, this would have never made the news. same if martin had been a latino and zimmerman black.
      the obama administration and eric holder soould be ashamed for their hatred and racism and the taxpayers should be outraged that our tax dollars were spent to pay these thug protesters to promoite racism and injustice.

    3. katts on July 12th, 2013 3:03 pm

      Ashamed , Holder & Obama? Never. This is a part of the grand scheme, the continuing division of America.

      Overall, with the advent of mixed marriages between Hispanics, Whites and Blacks people are getting along better. I experience it everyday.

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