Reuters’ David Rohde on Obama Administration : “Terrible Optics” of President Barack Obama Golfing and Sec. of State John Kerry Yachting after Egypt Over-Throws Morsi


So somebody in the MSM finally decided to say it  … What the hell is Obama thinking?

David Rohde of Reuters criticized the Obama Administration on CBS’ Face the Nation this weekend. Rohde stated that the optics were terrible following what was supposed to be a strong statement by Barack Obama regarding the situation in Egypt. So some one in the media is finally questions Obama’s optics … “Terrible Optics” of Obama Golfing and Kerry Yachting as Egypt burns.

” … you have a bit now in Egypt where the president has a tough statement and then I don’t know how this happened, but it was terrible optics. The next day the President goes golfing, Secretary Kerry’s out on his yacht. What does that say to young people in Egypt, across the Middle East–whether they’re part of the debate–about America’s interest in the region?


Just curious, where has Reuters’ David Rohde been for the past 4+ years with regards to the “terrible optics” of Obama golfing or vacationing as record number of Americans are on food stamps, continued 7.6%+ unemployment, Americans are forced into part-time work rather than full time due to Obamacare and Americans losing their homes? How come no one has questioned those optics? Face it … Egypt and the Middle East is just learning what America has had to deal with, this president is apathetic and just does not care. Barack Obama has gone golfing 130 times since in office. Where was the MSM questioning those rounds of golf? Did theu just happen to missing those optics?

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    One Response to “Reuters’ David Rohde on Obama Administration : “Terrible Optics” of President Barack Obama Golfing and Sec. of State John Kerry Yachting after Egypt Over-Throws Morsi”

    1. johan12345 on July 9th, 2013 4:59 am

      The President went golfing every other week shock horror!! One wonders how he has time to lead the country, also it’s rumoured that he works out every week, eats every day and brushes his teeth even twice a day. No wonder the country is in such a pathetic state.
      SM; So you are comparing brushing teeth for 2 minutes to 4 hours of golf? HUH?

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