George Zimmerman Murder Trial: Trayvon Martin’s Mother Sybrina Fulton Testifies that Screams For Help from 911 Tape Came From My Son


George Zimmerman murder trial …

This morning the prosecution called to the witness stand Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin. Fulton testified that the voice yelling for help during the 911 call the night her son was killed was that of Trayvon Martin. It is crucial to the case as to who the jury believes was screaming on the 911 call prior to the gun shot. However, what would one expect the mother of slain Trayvon Martin supposed to say, that it wasn’t her son’s voice? So do so would all but admit that her son was the aggressor and the defendant George Zimmerman was the victim. However, the injuries to Zimmerman are consistent with his version of the story that he was getting his head pounded into the curb and consistent with the witnesses accounts that Trayvon was in top during the altercation. If that is the case, how many people scream for help as they “ground and pound” another until the gun shot is finally heard.

Sybrina Fulton, Martin’s mother, was the first to take the stand. She began by describing her son’s tattoos, including Fulton’s name, which she said was on his wrist. Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda played her the tape of the 911 call the night of the fatal altercation with former neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman.

“Ma’am that scream or yell, do you recognize that?” de la Rionda asked.

“Yes,” she said.

When asked who she thought it was, she said, “Trayvon Benjamin Martin.”

George Zimmerman Defense attorney Mark O’Mara cross-examines Trayvon Martin’s mother.

If it wasn’t your son screaming, if it was in fact, George Zimmerman, you would have to accept the possibility that it was Trayvon Martin who caused his own death, correct?” defense attorney Mark O’Mara asked.

“Correct,” Fulton said.

O’Mara asked her whether she would hope that her son did nothing that would cause his own death.

“What I hope for is this wouldn’t have never happened, and he would still be here. That’s my hope,” Fulton said.

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