Jury Set for George Zimmerman Murder Trial of Trayvon Martin … All Females, 5 White and 1 Hispanic (B-29, B-76, B-37, B-51, E-6, E-40)


THE JURY IS SET FOR THE GEORGE ZIMMERMAN MURDER TRIAL … and the winning alpha-numbers are … B-29, B-76, B-37, B-51, E-6, E-40.

The jury has been finally set for the George Zimmerman murder trial. As reported at the Orlando Sentinel, the jury will be made up of six woman, five of them white and one Hispanic. I can already hear the claims of racial injustice. How long will it take by those who have made a cottage industry of race baiting that there are no blacks on the jury? But isn’t this a perfect make up of a jury of his peers? After all, it was the media who referred to Zimmerman as a “white Hispanic. Further, 5 of the jurors have children and with regards to the four alternate jurors, two are men and two are women. The women and one of the men are white; the other man is thought to be Hispanic. George Zimmerman is charged with the second degree murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. However, the way this case has gone, it has been more about race than evidence and the law. Martin’s family questions whether they can get justice. Others ask, can Zimmerman get a fair trial with all the pre-trail hysterics and playing of the race card? This highly contentious and racially divided case can have no good outcome because of all the pre-trail racial muddying of the water by the MSM and others, including by President Barack Obama who called it a tragedy and stated that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin. Talk about taking sides. hmm, isn’t there a presumption of innocence in the United States?

Interestingly enough, two of the female jurors that were placed on the final six, wanted to be struck by the prosecution. Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson asked Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda to give his race- and gender-neutral explanations for each strike. The prosecution did so; however, the judge disallowed and both of the woman wound up on the jury of six. Might prove to be a blow to the State. Mediaite has a breakdown of the six jurors.

Six women, all but one of them white, will decide whether Neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman murdered 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in a case that sparked widespread outrage and prompted civil rights marches.

They will begin their work — listening to testimony and evaluating evidence — Monday morning.

On Thursday, attorneys who had individually questioned nearly 100 prospective jurors, went one-by-one, picking the six plus four alternates

It was dramatic, contentious and race was very much at play.

The process was moving along smoothly when defense attorney Mark O’Mara piped up.

“I would now ask the state to give a race-neutral reason why they have struck four white women in a row,” he said.

In response, Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson asked Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda to give his race- and gender-neutral explanations for each strike.

He did, but the judge rejected the prosecutor’s argument in the case of two of the women — both of whom ended up on the jury.

The racial shots across the bow by the family are already being made that unless there is a guilty verdict, there is no justice.

In a statement, lawyers for Trayvon’s family said: “With the makeup of this jury, the question of whether every American can get equal justice regardless of who serves on their jury panel will be answered.”

The four alternates are a middle-aged white man, a young man who is possibly Hispanic, a white college-aged woman and an older white woman who works as a nurse.

Opening arguments are set for Monday, June 24, 2013. Let the games begin.

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    2 Responses to “Jury Set for George Zimmerman Murder Trial of Trayvon Martin … All Females, 5 White and 1 Hispanic (B-29, B-76, B-37, B-51, E-6, E-40)”

    1. kashekamon on June 21st, 2013 4:08 pm

      Obama and Sharpton caused George Zimmerman a great deal of grief and caused a severe racial divide. Obama said if he had a son he would of looked like Trayvon, what a pile of BS. His son could of turned out to be white. Just like he caused trouble for Sgt. Crowley who responded to a 911 call. The officer was doing his job the way he was supposed to, he did nothing wrong. There was nothing about that issue that was racial, except for what Obama made it out to be. He should of kept his big, fat racist mouth shut.

      I believe George Zimmerman is innocent. Travyon was a thug, member of a gang wearing a brass plate for his teeth, participated in organized boxing fights, of which he said the guy didn’t bleed enough to satisfy him. Trayvon fists were weapons of which he used to break Zimmerman’s nose and pound his head into the concrete. Suspended from school many times, marijuana in his blood stream, 13 women’s necklaces in his backpack, a text message sent from him saying he had to go to Orlando to get his weed. That’s why he got himself suspended from school so he could go to Orlando to buy his pot. His Dad and his finance were going out to dinner and attending a basketball game that night when Trayvon begged his Dad to let him go to the 7-11 store. His Dad said no but Travyon kept begging so his Dad finally said yes.

      Some people are posting saying Zimmerman was told by the dispatcher not to follow Travyon but he continue to do so. NOT TRUE, Zimmerman was returning to his vehicle and that’s when Travyon attacked him.

      You read about Travyon’s innocence because he had a bag of Skittles and an Arizona Ice……….so what, that means nothing but marijuana in your blood stream does!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. NGBoston on June 24th, 2013 4:56 pm

      #1-I believe Zimmerman was innocent whereby he was acting within his rights with the Stand Your Ground Laws in his State.

      I agree with some of your comments and understand your viewpoint- but at the same time—this tragic incident did NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN.

      Trayvon Martin was no Angel as you pointed out- but Zimmerman also should have stayed in his vehicle and not been such a pre-disposed Barney Fife Wanna Be himself. It all could have been avoided had Zimmerman gone back to his vehicle and stayed inside and NOT persued Martin as he was advised by the Dispatcher.

      While I don’t think it’s fair because Zimmerman’s Constitutional Rights will be violated as there is no way in hell he will get a fair Trial as you point out—he and his Wife also were stupid enough to lie to a Judge about their income and monies they also have recieved from the Public which was supposed to be claimed and used for his mounting legal fees.

      This whole case makes me angry, sick to my stomach, and honestly-I am over all of them- including Martin’s parents and their constant charade of wanting “Justice” for their Son. Yes, it’s unfortunate he died this way, but he also fought and gave Zimmerman injuries and I believe it WAS Zimmerman’s voice calling for help—-by then-it was too late.

      There will be no real “justice” for either Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman, IMO.

      This should have not even gone this far. And, BTW, if the POTUS could have had a Son that looked like Trayvon Martin, he obviously is ignorant about his own lineage since the Obamassiah is half-Caucasian himself.

      Trayvon Martin is 100% African-American/Black on both sides so the President’s idiotic comment was absurd and ridiculous to begin with.

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