Losing the Youth Vote … Obama’s Job Approval Falls 17 Points With those Age18 to 29 … Scandals, Scandals, Scandals


It finally appears that Barack Obama has lost that loving feeling of the youth vote.

Yesterday we reported that Barack Obama’s job approval in a recent CNN poll fell to 45%. However, further looking into the numbers revealed an even more glaring loss of support. Obama’s approval rating fell 17 points to 48% with those who are age 18 to 29. So what’s the reason for the drastic drop with the youth? Could it be that they finally realize that they will be paying a disproportionate share for Obamacare? Could it be that they realize they have a mountain of college debt and no job? Probably not as they have had a time to digest these fiascos under Obama. Most likely it is because they realize that Barack Obama was not the one they had been waiting for and was no different that any other lying president. The scandals are starting to even affect the young. The IRS scandal and NSA are probably highest on the list of the multiple scandals.  Obama stated as a candidate he would stop wire tapping and spying on legal Americans (VIDEO); however, the youth have recently learned a much different story. Today’s youth are more wired in to the internet, Facebook and social media than any other age group. Now they realize that the president who said they would not be spied on is doing the unthinkable, spying on them. It’s time for today’s youth to grow up and understand, the “One” they had been waiting for, was not. It’s always difficult for the idealistic young to realize that their hero is nothing more than Richard Nixon.

Have all the scandals become too much even for today’s youth? They appear to have lost trust in Obama, I guess they no longer believe, in Obama, they trust.

Even more surprising: The overall decline in his approval rating was partially fueled by a plunge in support from younger Americans, a huge base of Obama’s support.

Last month, nearly two-thirds of those in the 18-29 age group gave the president a thumbs up. His approval rating among that bracket fell 17 points in Monday’s poll and now stands at 48%.

“One explanation may be that younger Americans are more likely to feel they are personally affected by the surveillance programs,” said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “More than half of all senior citizens, for example, think that the government has not collected their personal information, and since older Americans are less likely to use the Internet, they may be right. Among younger Americans, two-thirds believe that the federal government has gathered their personal data.”

More Analysis from CNN: Obama overseas, poll numbers under water

This administration has gotten pretty good at riding the ebbs and flows of poll numbers,” said chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine Mark Leibovich. “In the second term it’s easier to sort of, not shrug it off,  but certainly to ride it out a little bit.”

“The president’s trend line on his popularity, and the level of trust that Americans have for him, is going down, right as many Americans feel the economy is starting to recover, and their perception’s about the economy’s starting to go up,” said CNN contributor and former senior adviser to Mitt Romney Kevin Madden.

 The Week has 3 reasons why Obama, White House an Dems should be concerned.

  • Obama’s base is wavering
  • The trust problem could grow
  • GOP attacks are starting to stick

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    7 Responses to “Losing the Youth Vote … Obama’s Job Approval Falls 17 Points With those Age18 to 29 … Scandals, Scandals, Scandals”

    1. mc on June 18th, 2013 12:40 pm

      They think it’s bad now?

      Just wait when they realize they’ll have a harder time affording a home of their own.

      That they’ll have to live with their parents years longer than they originally planned.

      That their president lied to them and that the “Affordable” Health Care Act is anything but.

      That the working young people will be taking home a smaller paycheck to support those people who really don’t want to work at all.

      That our government is supplying arms to our enemies in Syria, and those very weapons might end up being used against us in turn.

      That their daughters and granddaughters might have to live under Sharia law, forcing them to live as second-class citizens.

      And that maybe, just maybe, they could have prevented this from happening if they did not vote for Obama.

    2. Rightknight on June 18th, 2013 1:49 pm

      Obama: ‘Trust me, I’m not connected at all to any of the
      things that ole government is doing to you all. I haven’t
      the slightest why they are doing all that on my watch. In
      fact I’m actively jawboning against all the stuff they are
      doing. I will make them pay for those terrible offenses
      very soon perhaps. Right now I’m searching for the reasons
      and those who are guilty. Trust me!’

    3. kashekamon on June 18th, 2013 2:44 pm

      I guess our future leaders of America have come to realize how serious our situation is and just what he has bestowed upon them facing the growing monumental debt they will be facing. They have seen their parents, friends and family loose everything they had, including their homes, their jobs their savings and more. They know their vote counted in the election and surely feel how terribly wrong of a choice it was. Lessons to be learned. They now a clearer view of what a President should be and Obama lacks every expectation.

    4. A Texas Grandfather on June 18th, 2013 9:34 pm

      Even if the young wake up they will have to take action to make themselves felt in the election process. Barry and the Democrats with help from a few RINO Republicans are hard a work to get help from all the illegals the immigration nuts are proposing.

      Youth voters, we don’t need you, we will have 30 million illegals to vote.

      Based on the recent Supreme Court ruling, the states will have to throw away the federal election forms and only use state forms that allow for proof of citizenship prior to being allowed to vote.

    5. super dave on June 19th, 2013 7:32 am

      not to mention that he has turned his back on black people after he used them for the vote. now he is replacing them with the illegal mexicans to be used as he needs them. too bad they are not smart enough to see that they will be discarded as used garbage after he gets what he wants from them.

    6. publicenemy2u on June 19th, 2013 4:03 pm

      thought you folks would be alittle more poll gun shy after Romney won the white house. LOL

      A new survey from Pew Research Center released Wednesday indicated that President Barack Obama has largely weathered the controversies that have consumed the country’s attention as of late — a far cry from a survey released earlier this week that showed his approval rating had dipped sharply.

      The Pew poll showed that 49 percent of Americans approve of the job Obama is doing while 43 percent said they disapproved. Those numbers are virtually identical to Pew’s poll in May, when 51 percent said they approved of the President’s job performance and 43 percent said they disapproved.

      But Pew’s latest runs counter to a CNN/ORC International poll released on Monday that found an 8-point drop to Obama’s approval rating in the last month. The CNN/ORC poll also showed that Obama’s support among Americans under the age of 30 had plummeted by 17 points since May.

    7. CNN’s Dana Bash: Obama Scandals Are Eroding Trust Among Young Americans (Video) | The Penn Ave Post on June 23rd, 2013 2:47 pm

      [...] Dana Bash: Obama Scandals Eroding Trust Among Young Americans Barack Obama’s approval rating fell 17 points to 48% with youth voters in the latest poll in June. [...]

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