GOP Poll Has Massachusetts Senate Race Between Democrat Ed Markey and Republican Gabriel Gomez a Statistical Tie


As reported at The Weekly Standard, a Republican polling firm has the election for the Massachusetts US Senate race between long time Democrat Congressman Ed Markey and first time candidate Republican Gabriel Gomez a statistical tie. This Senate race is the special election to replace the seat formerly held by John Kerry, who became Secretary of State. Obviously, Republican Gabriel Gomez has a tough row to hoe in the predominately Democrat state of Massachusetts, but he represents a breath of fresh air, rather than just more of the same of stale old politicians who think that politics is a life-long profession.


Gomez (left) – Markey (rt.)

A Republican polling firm has found that the Massachusetts special election for the U.S. Senate is in a dead heat. Democrat Ed Markey, the longtime congressman, leads Republican and first-time candidate Gabriel Gomez by just a point. According to McLaughlin and Associates, a firm that often works for Republican candidates, 45 percent of likely voters in Massachusetts support Markey, while 44 percent support Gomez and 11 percent remain undecided. The election is on June 25.

Recently, the Cook Political Reports changed the race from leaning Democrat to a toss up.  According to RCP, Markey is way ahead. However, the PPP, what so many have come to believe is the Holy Grail of polling only has Markey ahead by 4% and Markey is polling far less than 50%. This race is totally up for grabs and will depend on turn out in an off-off year election, at a time when Barack Obama is in deep trouble with scandals.

Senate Debate: Markey, Gomez Attack Over Guns, Benghazi.

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    3 Responses to “GOP Poll Has Massachusetts Senate Race Between Democrat Ed Markey and Republican Gabriel Gomez a Statistical Tie”

    1. NGBoston on June 9th, 2013 6:25 pm

      While a statistical tie is wonderful, I really hope Markey doesn’t get the Seat.

      He probably will though, and I really like Gomez.

      Markey is just another Dem Good Ol Boy in the Network of corrupt State of Mass Politicians, you know—kind of like all the rest of his buddies in Office here.

      SM: The fact that it is an off-off year election and Obama is taking a real hit in the polls, especially being questioned by the LEFT with this whole NSA spy-gate when he said he would never do such a thing, the LEFT may just stay home. Markey should be polling at least 50% in a state that is 3 to 1 Democrats to GOP.

    2. A Texas Grandfather on June 9th, 2013 8:48 pm

      Markey is a part of the Democrat/Socialist machine that operates in Mass. Gomez may be in a statistical tie on the poll, but he will need at least a fifteen or twenty point margin on election day to defend against the illegal vote machine operated by the Democrats.

      Mass. needs a real conservative in this seat.

    3. NGBoston on June 11th, 2013 12:58 am

      #2- Red- My money says Markey will win.

      The Dem base in this State is too strong. I agree Markey should be polling at 50%- but this is the State that elected FUAXCAHAUNTUS in to the Senate Seat.

      Deval Patrick is an Obama Clone,,,and so on and so on. And yet– the Uber Lineral Voters keep electing these Men and Women. There is so much corruption in our State, very few good Politicians here that actually work for we, the People of the Commonwealth. It’s depressing, really.

      I miss Scott Brown!
      SM: I know that all the indicators say that Markey will win. Hell, if he does not win by 7%, it is like losing in a state where the GOP is all but non-existent. However, the only thing I am banking on is there is a shift in Independents in the US against Obama and his many, many scandals. I can only hope that some of them are in Mass and no longer want Obama to have a rubber stamp in the Senate or the Democrats will just stay home because they have grown weary.

      One can dare to dream, but I do realize we are talking about the deep, blue state of Massachusetts.


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