French Open Men’s Single Final Between Nadal and Against Ferrer Interrupted By Protester With A Flare


FIREWORKS AT THE FRENCH OPEN BUT IT WAS NOT BETWEEN NADAL AND FERRER … The only drama in today’s Men’s Singles French Open Final between Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer were the protestors. First, the protestors interrupted the match, then a protestor who ran onto the court near Nadal with a flare that was on fire and smoking. The protester was eventually taken off the court and tackled as well as a second protester was forcibly escorted out of the event as well.  Other than that, the final was an eventless 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 Nadal victory who won his 8th French Open title. I have to say this, how on earth in this day and age, in a post 9/11 world, in a post Monica Seles stabbing by a fan (video) could security in such a huge event like the French Open Final be so lax to allow a protester with an incendiary device into the stadium? Imagine if it was a terrorist with more evil intentions that just protesting legislation in France allowing for same-sex marriages? Good Grief. Never would I have thought that some one could get a flare through security. The French might want to beef up security for the next time. I could only imagine how this will effect going through security in the up coming Wimbledon Championships.

The French Open final was interrupted today when a protester managed to find his on the court and light a flare, just feet from where Rafael Nadal was standing. It was the second time the match had been interrupted by protesters as there was a brief ruckus in the upper deck. Several protesters were quickly ushered out of the stadium. The protesters are upset about legislation in France allowing for same-sex marriages according to

French Open_protestor

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