HATE CRIME: Unhinged Rhode Island Woman Yells “Dumb White Girl” as She Sics Her Pitbulls on ABC6 News Reporter Abbey Niezgoda


Hate Crime and racist double standard …  Hmm, I thing thins just might be a hate crime … what do you think?

An ABC 6 news crew in Providence, Rhode Island was covering a story to get a mothers reaction that the man accused of shooting his teenage daughter at a graduation part has just been arrested. The 16 year old had turned himself in. Lawrence’s daughter has been released from the hospital and is currently recovering from a gunshot wound. What happened next, defies logic or sanity. Then, the mother, Melissa Lawrence turned violent herself. Lawrence began throwing rocks at the cameraman and female reporter, Abbey Niezgoda. Then she went into the house and came out with a baseball bat and sicced her two pitbull dogs on the news crew. WTF!!! All is caught on video tape. The reporter was bit on the arm as she fled down the street to a neighbors yard.

Oh did we mention, the unhinged, insanoid woman screamed, “Get the f*** away from house you dumb white girl”. Hmm, not only is this assault, its a “HATE CRIME”. Let’s be consistent here folks. What do you think would happen if a white individual called a female reporter a dumb black girl as they sic their dogs on them? Hmm?

From ABC6 - Don’t see any mention of a hate crime, why not? , Melissa Lawrence is the one who hurled the racial slur at TV reporter Abbey Niezgoda. Obviously, Lawrence’s attack was more than just what it seems on the surface. Lawrence did not call her a dumb b*itch, a dumb MF’er, a dumb F’er or a dumb POS. She brought race into this. Once again we are witness to a double standard as if the roles were reversed, the focus would not have been on the attack, the baseball bat or the pitbulls, it would have been the racist comment. Had the rolls been reversed, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NAACP would have made a b-line for Providence, “no justice, no peace”. What’s the difference?

The woman who attacked the ABC6 crew has been arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault with a dangerous weapon. She is scheduled to be arraigned in Providence District Court Wednesday afternoon.

An ABC6 crew was on assignment in Providence when they were assaulted in broad daylight. It started with a question that led to a violent response. The crew was on Public Street in Providence, attempting to get reaction from the mother of the teenage girl who was shot at a graduation party over the weekend.

Instead of declining to speak on-camera, Melissa Lawrence replied “OK, that’s good,” and then suddenly hurled a rock at ABC6 photographer Marc Jackson. The rock just missed the photographer’s head. The crew then started to leave, but Lawrence came out wielding a baseball bat. She then told her two dogs to attack.

Abbey Niezgoda Twitter.

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    9 Responses to “HATE CRIME: Unhinged Rhode Island Woman Yells “Dumb White Girl” as She Sics Her Pitbulls on ABC6 News Reporter Abbey Niezgoda”

    1. super dave on June 6th, 2013 9:58 am

      typical african behaviour. just like the white house occupants.

    2. rob on June 6th, 2013 11:42 am

      Not only will no one call it a hate crime, but if they did, Al and Jesse would be out screaming how it is not.

    3. PaMom on June 6th, 2013 6:33 pm

      Racism is disgusting no matter which race in doing the offending. I would sue this woman as loudly as I could. This is shameful and should be treated this way.

    4. PaMom on June 6th, 2013 7:51 pm

      Please excuse my bad grammar. I meant to say that racism is disgusting no matter which race is doing the offending. This is shameful and outrageous. She should not be allowed to own a dog. She’s lost that privilege.

    5. Scared Monkeys on June 7th, 2013 8:32 am

      #1 easy.

      Not all act this way. The point being though that if roles were reversed it would have been called a hate crime, especially if a white man or woman went after a black media member and hurled a racial slur at them.


    6. spiderturd44 on June 7th, 2013 8:38 am

      all hate crime laws are made only for whites,blacks act and do there violence cause of white guilt and in there brains they think all laws are only for whites and they are exempt,if this been whites acting like that it been racism with the professional race hustlers al sharpton and jessie jacking crying for blood.

    7. Ugh on June 9th, 2013 1:53 pm

      White. Black. Whatever. That woman’s daughter was just murdered. Whether the interviewer were black or white I’d react the same way. How insensitive is it for them to rub it in? Leave her alone. Thats the problem. Human beings in general this day and age are too nosey. She asked her to go away. So go away. What if her daughter died? How about I hound her about her daughter dying. Damn. You are all insensitive people. Lets be human about this.
      SM: If you are going to leave a comment, you could at least either ready the post or read the link of the actual story. The woman’s daughter was not murdered, she was shot and was recovering at home. The suspect had been just arrested and the news crew was looking to do a story on the family reaction to the arrest.

      You might want to read and inform yourself before making a foolish comment.

      No matter what the case is, if you think the answer is to get a baseball bat and sic your pitbulls on another, you are a jacka$$.

      Let me inform you what normal humans do when faced with such a situation. They make their comment to the media, say not please respect out privacy and then walk inside. The media will then go away. What you don’t do is act like a criminal and assault another for simply doing their job. Or is that what life has become in an Obamaworld?


    8. hahaha on December 22nd, 2013 10:50 am

      SM … [comment deleted because of language]

    9. hahaha on December 22nd, 2013 10:51 am

      ps this is not racism this is stupidism
      SM: No, its racism otherwise why evoke race? Just imagine if the colors were reversed.

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