Former Miss America Erika Harold to Run for Congress for Illinois’s 13th Congressional District as a Republican


Here she comes … Miss Illinois’s 13th Congressional District.

Erika Harold, former Miss America is running for Congress in the GOP primary for Illinois’s 13th Congressional District as a Republican.  WKSD reports, 33 year old Harold says her priorities will be promoting conservative principles and encouraging economic growth and says she believes she can help expand the party’s voting base and reach people who don’t traditionally vote Republican. Just one problem with that, the seat is currently held by Republican, freshman Rodney Davis. So it would appear that individuals in her district do vote Republican. We shall see what happens, we wish her the best.

For the former Miss America who just jumped into the race for Illinois’s 13th Congressional District, the Republican primary might be, well, a bit like a beauty pageant.

She calls her opponent, an incumbent freshman, a “good person,” insists there’s no need for attacks, and says let the judges, no, make that the voters, decide.

Harold, 33 and single, is a Harvard-educated attorney, a born-and-bred local and was a delegate to the 2004 Republican National Convention. She won the Miss America crown in 2003.

Harold, who announced her bid to take on Davis on Tuesday, says she has no problem with the attention on her pageant past. In fact, she says, it’s one of the things that make her qualified to serve in Congress.

Hmm, you know what seems to be absent from the reporting by the MSM of Erika Harold, who is a Republican?  She’s black. Personally, I do not believe it should make any difference about one skin color, as it is “about the content of one’s character.” However, back when she won Miss America, it was referenced. So why not now? Check out from BET, black beauty queens.  Could it be because the MSM does not want to report to the public that GOP actually has ethnicity? I just wonder if Erika Harold does win her primary and goes to Congress, if the MSM will still refer to her as she’s “got beauty, and, good golly, the brains to match?”

Powerline has some personal observations of Erika Harold.

WAPO: Erika Harold, Heather French Henry: Miss America alums aim for political office

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    2 Responses to “Former Miss America Erika Harold to Run for Congress for Illinois’s 13th Congressional District as a Republican”

    1. super dave on June 6th, 2013 10:00 am

      i hope she is thick skinned. she will be branded an Uncle Tom and a n****r by her own people simply because she doesn’t cower down to the democrat whip crackers on their plantation.

    2. Dianne Lee on July 31st, 2013 9:31 am

      Well, she’s right about getting people who don’t usually vote Republican to vote for her. I will vote for her in the primary and encourage everyone I know to do the same.

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