‘Rogue’ IRS Agent Tax-Exempt Organization Specialist Stephen Seok Who Wrote Threatening Letters to Tea Party Groups gets promotion to “supervisor IRS agent”


Didn’t President Barack Obama promise to hold accountable those at the Internal Revenue Service involved in the targeting of conservative groups? Guess not.

From the Washington Examiner, one time Tax-Exempt Organization Specialist Stephen Seok who signed many of the intimidating letters sent to conservative nonprofits has now been promoted to  “supervisor IRS agent.” What a joke. The Cincinnati IRS office had no comment and referred all inquiries to the Washington office. These so-called “rouge” agents are not being punished, in fact, they appear to be rewarded for their actions. If Obama was sincere at all, heads would have been rolling left and right at the IRS. Sorry, but his feigned outrage is nothing more than insincere lip service.

Hmm, I thought Obama said the actions of the IRS were inexcusable and he would not tolerate it? Tolerate it? It was Rewarded, who is he kidding?

President Obama may have promised “to hold the responsible parties accountable” for the Internal Revenue Service targeting of conservative non-profit groups, but one of the agents at the center of the scandal was recently promoted, an IRS source tells The Washington Examiner.

Through 2012, then-Exempt Organization Specialist Stephen Seok signed many of the intimidating letters sent to conservative nonprofits. For example, this January 2012 letter sent to the Richmond Tea Party demanded the date, time and location of all group events, as well as copies of all handouts provided at the events, and the names and credentials of all organizers. Seok also demanded the names of all speakers and the contents of the speeches they made.

According to WXIX-TV/Fox 19 in Cincinnati, Seok is no longer an exempt organization specialist. He has since been promoted to  “supervisor IRS agent.”

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    3 Responses to “‘Rogue’ IRS Agent Tax-Exempt Organization Specialist Stephen Seok Who Wrote Threatening Letters to Tea Party Groups gets promotion to “supervisor IRS agent””

    1. A Texas Grandfather on May 31st, 2013 11:36 am

      Anything that Barry says will happen is usually just the opposite. He cannot tell the truth.

      He will use his office to punish all of those who do not agree or support his position.

    2. super dave on May 31st, 2013 2:20 pm

      here’s a hint. when obama’s purple lips are moving, lies are being told. he should be #1 on the top 10 most wanted FBI list. how could even the most ignorant in this country vote for this communist punk ?

    3. kashekamon on June 1st, 2013 8:06 am

      If you don’t do what I want and if you don’t do what I say, I will punish you!!! Because I am the the almighty, ruler and endless power governing this country. IMPEACH HIM!!!!!

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