Arizona Mom Free … Yanira Maldonado Out of Mexico Prison on Trumped Up Drug Charges, Judge Dismisses Case


 Yanira Maldonado is free …

After being questionably detained by Mexican authorities since May 22, 2013, Yanira Maldonado has been freed from a Mexican prison. Maldonado, the mother of seven, was arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling. However, since the inception of this nightmare she pleaded that she was innocent.  Mexican police found 12 pounds of pot taped under the seat on the bus that Yanira Maldonado and her husband were on returning to the United States from a funeral. Yanira Maldonado was born in Mexico but is a naturalized U.S. citizen. From the outset the question has always been, how could they have brought the pot onto the bus and taped it under a seat without anyone seeing it? Corrupt Mexican police have been known to target and frame individuals, especially Americans, in an attempt to shake down people for money. In this case, they never dreamed that this case would get the media attention. This forced the Mexican officials hand, as if this continued, there was talks of starting a boycott of Mexican tourism. With pressure mounting, Maldonado release came hours after court officials reviewed security footage, that showed the couple boarding a commercial bus traveling from Mexico to Phoenix with only blankets, bottles of water and her purse in hand.

VIDEO – ABC News: FREED!!!  Maldonado thanks God and everyone who supported her during this ordeal.

Yanira Maldonado, 42, walked out of the jail late Thursday night local time, and thanked well-wishers and Mexican officials. Maldonado told one jail official in Spanish, “Thank you for everything and the quality of person you are.”

“Is this it?” Maldonado asked officials moments after being released. “Thank you. God bless you,” she added before leaving.

Maldonado met with reporters briefly and said, “Many thanks to everyone, especially my God who let me go free, my family, my children, who with their help, I was able to survive this test,” she said

Yanira Maldonado, the Arizona mother held for more than a week in a Mexico jail on suspicion of drug smuggling, was released late Thursday after the case against her was dismissed.

The mother-of-seven, from Goodyear, Arizona, would return immediately to the United States, her lawyer Jose Francisco Benitez Paz said.

“Many thanks to everyone, especially my God who let me go free, my family, my children, who with their help, I was able to survive this test,” she told reporters.

Maldonado, 42, had been detained since May 22, when she and her husband were returning to the U.S. from a funeral. Soldiers said they had found 12 pounds of marijuana taped under her seat on a bus.

Just amazing. We have illegal immigrants coming into the United States from Mexico, breaking our laws, yet we have innocent Americans just trying to get home from Mexico and arrested illegally. Welcome to the upside down world we live in.

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