Students at the University of Colorado – Boulder Sign “Thank You” Card to IRS for Targeting Conservative and Tea Party Groups


What happened to my country?

It is actually frightening that the following occurred in the United States and on a college campus to boot. Individuals actually signed a “Thank You” card to the IRS, thanking them fare targeting, harassing and slow walking the non-profit applications of Conservative and Tea Party groups. This was the brain child of Conservative pundit Caleb Bonham who said, “I was kind of hoping people would look at my card and laugh, but not endorse it.”  “That was not the case.” One student said while signing the card, “I love discrimination.” WTF!!! Seriously, would this individuals like love discrimination if they were the ones targeted? Oh, that would be different of course. And who in the hell loves discrimination of any kind? So let’s get this straight, those who signed and agreed with this thank you card agree that Big Government should have the power to destroy anyone who does not agree with them? Is that what this ignoramuses actually think? Of course not because they think they should be afforded a double standard. Maybe the next question should have been if they had ever heard of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

Students at the University of Colorado – Boulder (UCB) signed an enormous thank you card to the Internal Revenue Service for its apparent harassment of conservative groups during the lead-up to President Obama’s reelection.

In the viral video, posted on YouTube Tuesday, conservative pundit Caleb Bonham asked students to sign the large card that read “Thank you IRS! Tea Party Deserves it!”

“I’m asking people if they want to sign my board thanking the IRS for targeting conservative tea party and religious organizations,” Bonham explained in the video.

Sadly, this is a result of the brainwashing that today’s youth has received and a completely hateful attitude and disrespect of others. Some how they are to be afforded the rights of “Freedom of Speech” but others are not.  BTW, for all those who signed the ‘Thank You” card to the IRS … thanks for your names so that when the GOP is back in power, they can have the IRS target you. According to you, its perfectly AOK.

BTW II: How are those job prospects for all of you so-intelligent college grads these days?

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    4 Responses to “Students at the University of Colorado – Boulder Sign “Thank You” Card to IRS for Targeting Conservative and Tea Party Groups”

    1. Rightknight on May 30th, 2013 1:42 pm

      This should awaken the University of Colorado to it’s
      dual problem of accepting students that have no
      ability to reason and further inculcating them with
      additional ‘brainwasting’ in the process of their
      ‘higher education’. For this students take out expensive
      government loans to attend these careless organizations?

    2. A Texas Grandfather on May 30th, 2013 6:49 pm

      The University of Colorado is one of the most liberal universities in the country. Most of the students go there because the school fits their brainwashed thinkiing.

      A beautiful campus full of liberal idiots. This includes professors amd students. May we reference one Ward Churchil who lost his job because of stealing the work of another in order to get his appointment.

    3. super dave on May 31st, 2013 2:23 pm

      too bad that these ignorant children were taught no better. colorado is now full of the liberal
      dumbasses that destroyed california.

    4. Paul on June 2nd, 2013 8:24 am

      I would like to punch this kid in the mouth
      SM: I am not sure if violence is the answer, but which kid are you even referring to? The one who created the Thank you cared to the IRS? You do realize he did this as a way to punk libs and show just how clueless they are, right?


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