Franklin Graham Says the IRS Also Targeted the Reverand Billy Graham for Backing Conservative & Pro-Israel Candidates


Are you kidding, the IRS also targeted the Reverend Billy Graham …

It would appear that the IRS targeting was not just of Conservative Tea Party groups, as reported at the Politico, Franklin Graham says that  the IRS also targeted the Reverend Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the family’s international humanitarian organization Samaritan’s Purse. Unbelievable. This vindictive organization went after such a chartable organization that’s only purpose is to do good through out the world! So what would possibly be the reason why their 2010 tax records would be suddenly audited? The Reverend Billy Graham backed Mitt Romney in 2012 and also other Conservative and pro-Israel candidates. “We the People” are going to learn that this is only the tip of the iceberg and the “Gestapo” like actions of the IRS not only targeted organizations, but individuals as well and goes much higher than some rouge low level agents in Cincinnati, Ohio. Much, much higher.


The IRS came after Billy Graham, too, his son charged Tuesday in a letter to President Barack Obama.

Franklin Graham, the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the family’s international humanitarian organization Samaritan’s Purse, said that the IRS notified the organizations in September that it was conducting a “review” of their activities for tax year 2010.

With the IRS admitting it gave extra scrutiny to conservative political organizations, Graham says he now believes that the review was part of an Obama administration effort of “targeting and attempting to intimidate us.”

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association urging of voters to back “candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles and support the nation of Israel” during last year’s presidential race was the reason why IRS agents visited the North Carolina offices of both Graham groups, the letter accuses.

While these audits not only wasted taxpayer money, they wasted money contributed by donors for ministry purposes as we had to spend precious resources servicing the IRS agents in our offices.”

The Reverend Billy Graham has worked with both Republican and Democrat presidents for decades. So why now? Why under Barack Onama does the IRS target him? The Gateway Pundit reminds us of when Franklin Graham spoke out against Barack Obama and could not categorically deny that he was a Muslim. You do not think that this thin-skinned president went after his enemies do you? Because he would never do such a thing.  Oh that’s right, Obama also banned Franklin Graham from speaking at the Pentagon. Yup, no vindictiveness here. Sister Toldja is 100% correct, “Targeting political groups who oppose this administration’s agenda is bad enough, but targeting religious groups on similar grounds” goes beyond what can be deemed as acceptable.

What ever happened between “separation of Church and State”? IRS-gate is about to explode and the American people are going to be completely outraged when they find out that individuals were targeted as well. This is the same IRS that is supposed to police Obamacare. The people who have access of your insurance data and your private healthcare records. Boy, that gives me a warm fuzzy.

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