NBC’s Chelsea Clinton Fantastic Interviewing Skills on Display …The GEICO Gecko?


Just curious, how come the LEFT and Barack Obama do not complain about the following not being fair?

It must be nice to be the daughter of a former president of the United States, otherwise Chelsea Clinton would never have landed this plum position with NBC. Watch the following video and listen to this riveting interview with the GEICO Gecko. Good grief, are you serious? Talk about getting the big gets.  If the material was not bad enough, the interviewing style and her voice are just unreal. Does anyone honestly thing that if Chelsea was not the daughter of Former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton she would ever have got this job? Talk about nepotism and the rich getting richer.

From News Busters:

CHELSEA CLINTON: Getting pigeon-holed is a worry even for a gecko. So he was only too happy to answer our questions. Are you concerned about being typecast?

GECKO: Well, I definitely don’t get the hunky leading man roles. Although I could probably get the hunky leading gecko roles.

CLINTON: Have you always had that accent?

GECKO: Sorry, Chelsea, what accent?

CLINTON: After 15 years of selling insurance, this commercial star is looking to branch out.

GECKO: I’m out on the road promoting my new book “You’re Only Human.” Shameless plug there.

CLINTON: Is there a down side to all this fame?

GECKO: Well, it seems the more famous you are the more likely someone is to dig up your old yearbook photos

 If she can’t properly interview a lizard, why does anyone think she is qualified to run for political office? Oh, that’s right, it does not matter, she offspring of the Clintons.

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