REEFER MADNESS: Hmm, I Thought Pot was Supposed to Mellow Them Out … Two Shot at Rally to Celebrate Marijuana in Denver


REEFER MADNESS … Isn’t pot supposed to mellow them out?

As reported at UPI, two individuals were shot at a rally in Denver’s Civic Center park on Saturday as people gathered to celebrate Marijuana in the Rocky Mountain High city at the “420 Day” festivities. Check out the smoke haze lingering above this rally in the pic from the LA Times.  A man and a woman were reported shot. Police said they were looking for two suspects and were asking witnesses to come forward. Um, really? As stated at the PJ Tatler, does anyone else find the humor in this request in the wake of this crime? It’s still illegal to smoke pot in public in Colorado and the cops want people to come forward who were engaged in illegal activity? What might they be smoking? Just curious, who is in possession of a gun while they are smoking a dube? There is one thing you will never confuse, a pro-pot rally with a Tea Party one, that is for sure.

So much for pot use not causing violence. We might want to put that little myth to the way side. Peaceful, law abiding stoners, eh? Did the organizers just not have enough Doritos available for the rally go’ers. Hmm, juxtapose the pot smokers fleeing (VIDEO) the scene to the heroic folks that ran toward the individuals who were harmed during the Boston bombings during the Boston marathon after the two bomb blasts went off.

Two people were shot in Denver’s Civic Center Saturday where thousands of people gathered for marijuana-inspired “420 Day” festivities, paramedics said.

Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said a man and woman in their 20s were both shot in the leg, The Denver Post reported. They were expected to survive, said the newspaper, which initially reported three people had been shot.

Police said they were looking for two suspects and were asking witnesses from the big crowd that scattered when the shots were fired about 5 p.m. to come forward.

“Everybody fled. That’s the problem,” Jackson said.

What makes all of this even more bizarre is Colorado’s recent attempts to make guns illegal in their peace loving state as they have passed some of the strictest gun laws in the US. At the same time, they are looking to make marijuana legal. Friends don’t let friends have guns and smoke grass. As the PJ Tatler opines, “In fact, anyone stupid enough to take a gun to such an event should have their license revoked and their head examined, not necessarily in that order.”

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    One Response to “REEFER MADNESS: Hmm, I Thought Pot was Supposed to Mellow Them Out … Two Shot at Rally to Celebrate Marijuana in Denver”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on April 21st, 2013 4:24 pm

      It appears that the recent enactment of “Pot Smoking” is legal in Colorado has produced a rapid response of why it should not have become legal.

      Most pot smokers love a public event where they can mix with their fellow “Pot Heads” and smoke without fear of being arrested. The cops are all afraid of creating a riot if arrests are attempted.

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