Barack Obama Booed at NCAA Elite 8 Game in Washington, DC Between Syracuse and Marquette


Just curious … what are exactly the cut backs for Obama due to sequestration, actually doing work for the American people?

President Barack Obama was booed when his mug was displayed on the huge screen at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. during the NCAA Elite 8 game between Syracuse and Marquette. A little more than have the crowd booed while some cheered after they realized the Bracketologist in Chief was being dissed. Rather interesting that Obama was booed in of all places DC. So why so many boos, other than the obvious failed job as president? Maybe because his final 4 picks, No. 1 seeds Louisville and Indiana, No. 2 seed Ohio State and No. 3 seed Florida are in deep trouble except for the obvious pick of Louisville. Indiana and Ohio St have already lost, the Gators are presently losing 25-15 to Michigan. Or Maybe they booed, because if you watch the following VIDEO, Obama seems to put more effort in his NCAA College basketball picks that he does the US budget, job growth, debt reduction or unemployment. Or maybe it is because Obama has closed the White House tours from “We the People” citing Secret Service sequester cutbacks, yet he has no trouble making sure there is enough in the budget for Obama to attend a tournament game, play golf or have his kids go on multiple spring break vacations.

One would have expected a friendlier crowd for the President, but there are still several possible explanations for the boos. Obama and his White House team had supported Georgetown (Syracuse’s rival) in the past, and the President had forecast Indiana (who was eliminated by Syracuse) to win the East Regional and go on to win the national title, for example.  Or, perhaps they booed because POTUS had gone to the game with Secret Service agents while the White House remains closed to tours.

It was quite a busy day for Obama as he did none of the work of the American people, NOT! First  playing golf with his buds and then attending the NCAA Elite tournament game. What he do later that night, play on-line games with Pelosi and Reid?

Just in case some of you think that the above video is false, Twitter exploded when Obama was booed yesterday. Mark Packer, the Host of College Sports Today on SiriusXM tweeted the following. Also, CBS tweets as well that Obama was met with jeers and cheers.

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    2 Responses to “Barack Obama Booed at NCAA Elite 8 Game in Washington, DC Between Syracuse and Marquette”

    1. joe878 on April 1st, 2013 1:37 pm

      Such a shame that racists still exist in our 21′st century Multicultural society. As expected the only aholes who likes this are the racist bigots on the right! I was right! Anyone who hates this man IS a racist!

      I hope the racists get used to having a Black Man in the white house for a while. racists and bigots. That’s you all over!
      SM: You are a sorry excuse and a small minded individual. Idiocy knows no color. You would not know racist if it bit you in the a$$. Just because one disagrees with another individual is not racist, except in your pea-brain. Gee, I disagreed with John Kerry, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and every other liberal white politician to name a few … what do you call that?

      BTW, you said get used to a black man in the White House. I could easily get used to Dr. Ben Carson, JC Watts, Mia Love, Tim Scott or Allen West.

    2. Harry Cavernosum on April 1st, 2013 8:08 pm

      That dude ain’t never gonna get reelected.
      SM: Sadly he was by a clueless electorate.

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