Disgraced Former Rep. Anthony Weiner Polled for NYC Mayoral Bid To See if Democrat Voters Have Forgiven Him


Could the Weiner Mayor watch be one? File this one under some people just have no shame … I guess it’s hard to keep a bad man out of politics.

Disgraced former New York US Rep representative Anthony Weiner paid more than $100,000 to a San Francisco based polling firm to see what the public mood was for him  contemplating a return to politics in this year’s elections. Really, how desperate are these bottom feeders to have power? Weiner resigned from Congress in 2011 after he was caught in a sexting scandal and texting his wiener. Now he wants to return? Sorry dude, you have a long way to go, if ever, to ever get people to forgive you for your pathetic behavior. However, the ick factor may be too big in this case.

How could this man possibly think that he would pole poll well with the NYC voters?

Disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s dormant New York City mayoral campaign paid more than $100,000 to a San Francisco-based polling firm earlier this month, suggesting the once-prominent Democrat whose career was derailed by allegations he sent salacious texts and photographs to various women online was contemplating a return to politics in this year’s elections.

The expenditures were disclosed in a filing with the city’s Campaign Finance Board late Friday. Weiner’s campaign paid David Binder Research $52,500 on March 4 for “research,” and then another $54,000 on March 5 for “polling costs,” according to his latest finance report, which includes expenditures from Jan. 12-March 11.

Reports of polls testing Weiner’s relative strengths and weaknesses appeared earlier this year in the New York tabloids. In late January, both the Daily News and the Post reported that voters had been called by telephone pollsters including Weiner’s name in Democratic primary matchups; the News reported Weiner’s name was tested among the city’s mayoral candidates, while the Post cited two Manhattan Democrats who said they had been polled about a potential run for city comptroller.

As the American Thinker opined, “If New York Democrats ever return Weiner to public office, they will be getting someone who thinks truth is optional, and who will lie to them shamelessly.” Then again, Democrats have no issue with Bill Clinton, who lied shamelessly to the American people. They now think he is a beloved statesman and Father of the year. Let us not forget the drug taking Marion Berry who was reelected as well..

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    One Response to “Disgraced Former Rep. Anthony Weiner Polled for NYC Mayoral Bid To See if Democrat Voters Have Forgiven Him”

    1. rightknight on March 17th, 2013 12:41 pm

      Reinserting himself (in all his glory) back into
      ‘public service’, the Weiner man would be back
      in ‘display mode’ with the MSM. Probing the polls,
      working hard, and extending his vulnerability to
      voters is the prelude to new photo ops. Weiner’s
      thing is to show us he really means business this
      time and can prove it too.

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