Sequestration Exaggerations Coming Home to Roost … Obama Job Opproval Drops to 43% in Reuters/IPSOS Poll


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It would appear the second honeymoon is now over for President Barack Obama as his job approval ratings are plummeting. In a recent Reuters/IPSOS Poll, Obama’s approval rating has fallen to 43%. Are the people finally fed up with this president and his same old, one trick pony political blame game? The people thought that a reelection of Obama would some how cause him to become a leader. Instead, his thin skinned attacks and blame game are as vocal as ever. The sequestration lies and misrepresentations from Obama are a double whammy for Obama. On one hand you have “We the People” sick and tired of the president and Congress unable to do their jobs. On the other hand you have “We the People” sick of Obama and his minions exaggerations and lies that the world will end if sequestration took place. Just last week Gallup had Obama’s job approval back into the 40′s.

Less than two months into his second term, President Barack Obama’s approval rating has dropped and Americans blame him and his fellow Democrats almost as much as his Republican opponents for a fiscal mess.

A Reuters/Ipsos online poll released on Wednesday showed 43 percent of people approve of Obama’s handling of his job, down 7 percentage points from February 19.

Most of that steep drop came in the week to February 26 when it was becoming clear that Washington was going to be unable to put aside partisan differences and agree to halt automatic budget cuts which started last Friday.

Confounding the White House’s efforts to blame Republicans for the cuts, most respondents in the online survey hold both Democrats and Republicans responsible.

Jammie Wearing Fools have further issues that Americans have grown weary of from this president does everything to distract “We the People” as he des nothing to improve job growth.

Gun control, immigration, so-called climate change and gay rights do nothing to help our economy, which is why he’s using those as a distraction from his endless economic failures. For all the squabbling over piddling cuts in future spending, nobody seems to ask why his trillion-dollar sequester has shown zero results.

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    One Response to “Sequestration Exaggerations Coming Home to Roost … Obama Job Opproval Drops to 43% in Reuters/IPSOS Poll”

    1. mc on March 8th, 2013 3:04 pm

      I find it hard to believe, even with low information voters, that we could have elected this clown twice in a row–without anything going on behind the scenes.

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