Hollywood Liberal Nut Danny Glover Says Second Amendment was Created to Prevent Slave Revolts and Indian Uprisings … So Much for Tyranny


When it comes down to it, when it comes to the Liberal Far Left … It’s always about race.

So much for colleges being institutions of higher education. These days they have simply become a vehicle for the far Left liberal brainwashing agenda.  This week, far left actor Danny Glover told Texas A&M students that the Second Amendment was created to prevent slave revolts and Indian uprisings. Really? So much for it being from the fact that the United States of America just fought a war against an Imperial, totalitarian king. So much for the fact that Our Founding Fathers set up a “Bill of Rights” to protect its citizens from the very government that was put in place. The Second Amendment was created to prevent a US government from taking away our liberties and protect us from government tyranny. I guess one can say that Glover’s reasoning for the First Amendment must be to give him the right to sound like a race-baiting fool.

From Campus Reform:

The Constitution’s Second Amendment was created to bolster slavery and capture land from Native Americans, award winning actor Danny Glover told a group of students at a Texas A&M sponsored event on Thursday.

“I don’t know if you know the genesis of the right to bear arms,” he said. “The Second Amendment comes from the right to protect themselves from slave revolts, and from uprisings by Native Americans.”

“A revolt from people who were stolen from their land or revolt from people whose land was stolen from, that’s what the genesis of the second amendment is,” he continued.

Glover, best known for roles in the “Lethal Weapon” franchise and “Angels in the Outfield,” was addressing students at an event being held in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Director of Texas A&M’s Memorial Student Center, Luke Altendorf, told Campus Reform on Friday that the university was unaware of Glover’ talking points prior to his speech.Each and every amendment in the

America, you might want to take a real good look at this and think for once, rather than being fed a lie from your government and the corrupt media complex. The Bill of Rights is important in it’s entirety as it protect “We the People” from the government put in place to govern the United States. However, the Second Amendment is the most important because it guarantees that the others will not be taken away. Without having the ability to protect one self from a tyrannical government, what freedoms do you really have?

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    3 Responses to “Hollywood Liberal Nut Danny Glover Says Second Amendment was Created to Prevent Slave Revolts and Indian Uprisings … So Much for Tyranny”

    1. rightknight on January 20th, 2013 4:32 pm

      Living proof that activism is not
      a guarantee of brilliance.

    2. Tamikosmom on January 20th, 2013 5:21 pm

      Excellent: Tienanmen Square activist on the need for the 2nd amendment
      January 20th, 2013

    3. publicenemy2u on January 22nd, 2013 4:23 pm

      If the 1968 gun laws were not passed we would haved been flooded with cheap imported firearms (like the rifle that killed Kennedy) The Amerian gun lobby stoped the imports, not because it made us safer but because it was bad for thier business.

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