PPP Polling: Congress Less Favorable than Cockroaches, but Don’t Worry You are Still More Favorable than Gonorrhea, Ebola, Communism, Meth Labs, the Kardashians and John Edwards


Hmm cockroaches more popular than Congress, for years I thought politicians and the roaches were one in the same.

America, if you think that Congress is less favorable, as stated by the PPP, than cockroaches, lice, brussel sprouts, replacement refs, colonoscopies, used car sales men and root canals, then why did you basically reelect the status quo in 2012? It would seem that people claim they despise Congress yet most likely have no issue when their own Congressman brings home the pork for them that destroys America as a whole with debt. Also, most people who claim to hate Congress so much probably cannot name their own local one’s nor how many make up the Senate or the House … let alone what branch of government the Congress resides.

Full poll results can be seen HERE.

Don’t fret though Congress, and there might be hope for the future … you are still more popular Gonorrhea, Ebola and he Kardashians.  Although, one has to wonder how long Congress will remain more favorable than communism seeing that American voters saw fit to reelect Barack Obama.

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