The Narcissist in Chief … Obama Uses Sen. Inouye’s Funeral to Talk About Himself


The Narcissist in Chief   … Because it’s all about Barack Obama.

Unbelievable, Yesterday during the funeral for Democrat Hawaiian Senator Inouye in Washington, DC, President Barack Obama decided to make opportunity about himself and his life. This actually went on for 10 minutes. This president truly has issues. The politics of “I”. What an ego his dude has.  As stated by the American Thinker“Obama likes to see events through the lens of his own life’s chronology” Because it’s all about him.

Barack Obama referred to himself 63 times, Obama used the word “my” 21 times, “me” 12 times, and “I” 30 times.


UPDATE I: From Slate - President Obama was supposed to eulogize the memory of Sen. Daniel Inouye. Instead he told us about his favorite summer vacation.

Obama likes to see events through the lens of his own life’s chronology. Thus we learn that Inouye was elected to the Senate when Obama was 2 years old. Now you could make this relevant by describing how Inouye worked to send federal dollars (you don’t have to call it “pork” at a funeral) to transform Hawaii’s roads and schools, for example, so that the Hawaii Obama grew up in had the kind of facilities people on the mainland had long taken for granted. But no, we simply learn that Inouye was Obama’s senator until he left the state to go to college—something apparently more momentous than anything Inouye did during his decades in office.


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    5 Responses to “The Narcissist in Chief … Obama Uses Sen. Inouye’s Funeral to Talk About Himself”

    1. johnny on December 22nd, 2012 8:13 pm

      It appears some, like bk does not know the meaning of the word “Narcissist”.

      The first time he mentions himself is to give a context for just how long Inouye was in office and how much he did. Nothing “narcissistic there.”
      Next he mentions his grandparents supporting the Senator and his not realizing what Inouye was about.
      Then he gives details about a trip he took with his grandparents when he began to realize what was going on in politics, the Watergate hearings, etc. This is how he gives a context for how he came to know Inouye. I don’t see it. It’s a personal speech, about his knowledge of the man, exactly what a eulogy is which is supposed to be intimate and say something about the person but also in relation to the speaker.
      SM: What you are failing to comprehend is that he makes other people’s stories revolve around him. That is s fact. This is hardly the first time he has done this. There is far too much “I” and “Me” in this presidents vocabulary.
      And yet the blogosphere is on fire. Where was this criticism when during the convention that was supposed to showcase Romney, Christie embodied the meaning of “Narcissism”??? That’s right, the blogosphere was quiet. It’s only narcissistic when Obama offers his perspectives because these people hate him.
      God save your soul, Pat. You’re full of hate. It’ll eat you up. Hate and envy are cancers to the soul. What proof you have that Obama is mentally ill? You are a sick racist!

    2. dennisintn on December 22nd, 2012 8:16 pm

      when has it ever been about anything other than himself.

    3. rightknight on December 23rd, 2012 1:35 am

      His supposed ‘mother’ and ‘father’ essentially
      dumped the kid at an early age. Now it’s time
      to be somebody, even if one has to repeatedly
      call attention to one’s self at every opportunity.

    4. mc on December 23rd, 2012 12:18 pm

      What a douche!

    5. Waterboy on December 24th, 2012 2:17 pm

      It’s early Alzheimer’s disease.

      They get ego-centric like that.

      You can’t get them off the stage.

      There’s no hope or cure.j

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