Obama’s Hurricane Sandy Aid Bill is Nothing More than Pork … “Sandy-Scam”



I thought President Barack Obama was going to put an end to pork-barrel spending? NOT! Obama’s $60.4 billion request for Hurricane Sandy relief for those that were directly affect by the “super storm” that devastated NY, NJ, CT and many other states has turned into nothing more than a Christmas stocking of goodies for things other than Sandy victims like  federal agencies and even the state of Alaska. This is exactly what is wrong with Washington, DC and politicians taking advantage of disasters and pissing away the hard earned tax payers money. Do you really ever wonder why our national debt is at $16 trillion and counting? These SOB’s just keep spending and spending and spending under the guise of doing good. UNREAL.

President Obama’s $60.4 billion request for Hurricane Sandy relief has morphed into a huge Christmas stocking of goodies for federal agencies and even the state of Alaska, The Post has learned.

The pork-barrel feast includes more than $8 million to buy cars and equipment for the Homeland Security and Justice departments. It also includes a whopping $150 million for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to dole out to fisheries in Alaska and $2 million for the Smithsonian Institution to repair museum roofs in DC.

An eye-popping $13 billion would go to “mitigation” projects to prepare for future storms.

Other big-ticket items in the bill include $207 million for the VA Manhattan Medical Center; $41 million to fix up eight military bases along the storm’s path, including Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; $4 million for repairs at Kennedy Space Center in Florida; $3.3 million for the Plum Island Animal Disease Center and $1.1 million to repair national cemeteries.

Budget watchdogs have dubbed the 94-page emergency-spending bill “Sandy Scam.”

This is the reason why Government should not be able to increase taxes on anyone. There is not a revenue problem, there is an spending problem and these people just won’t stop.

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