The Un-Serious President … Obama Gets an F on Debate and Now Makes Fun of his Debate Performance


Once again we are provided with a Comedian in Chief, not a President …

President Barack Obama, what a joke. Not only did Barack Obama fail miserably in his debate performance, looking clueless, without facts and bringing nothing to the table … Obama is now making a joke out of it. Really Mr. President? America expects a serious candidate for President and you have proved you are not it.

The jokes been on you America for the past 4 years

Just curious, what kid get an “F” on a math test and then makes fun of his test score? What business person completely bombs in the board room trying to convince others that their presentation is the one to go with and then jokes about it later? The answer is no one. No one, except President Obama as he makes a joke about his debate performance after his minions have blamed every one but George W. Bush for his poor performance.

From The Politico:

Now even President Obama is making fun of his Denver debate performance.

Speaking to a concert crowd at the Nokia Theater here, Obama said the musical acts that performed for his campaign – the likes of Katy Perry, Earth, Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder, among others – “just perform flawlessly, night after night.”

A beat passed. Then the president made himself the punch line.

“I can’t always say the same,” he said.

Rather interesting comments from Obama, because the far LEFT and Obama’s base hardly found Obama’s debate performance a laughing matter.

Also, not the smartest thing to do when 70 million people watched the debate, not counting those who viewed it on CSPAN, PBS or the Internet.

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