Lib Comedian Bill Maher Rips Obama on Debate Performance: “He Sucked … He Looks Like he Took My Millions and Spent it on Weed”


Hmm, wonder how Maher feels about his return on investment of his $1 million Obama donation?

WHEN LIBS ATTACK ... Uber-Lib and comedian Bill Maher ripped President Barack Obama during his opening monologue on HBO’s ‘Real Time’ on Obama’s less than lackluster debate performance. Maher was on a roll and it must have pained hi, especially since he had forked over $1 million to the Obama campaign and got a sleep walking president in return. As Maher stated, “He looked tired. He had trouble getting his answers out. It looked like he took my million and spent it all on weed.” Maher also went on to contrast the two candidates,  as Romney looking “charged up” and Obama was looking like Michael Jackson on diprivan. YIKES!

Maher Rips Obama and of course the obligatory shots at Romney (warning: language)

From Mediaite:

During his opening monologue tonight, Bill Maher admitted he was not happy with how President Obama did during his first big debate this week. He told his audience that Obama undeniably “sucked” during the debate, and surmised that the million dollars he gave to the campaign was probably spent on weed.

Maher surmised that because Wednesday was Obama’s anniversary, “he apparently had the sex first and was completely spent” for the debate. He contrasted Romney looking “charged up” with Obama looking like Michael Jackson on diprivan. Maher admitted that Obama “sucked” during the debate, and made a joke referencing the money he gave to the pro-Obama Super PAC.

I’ll give Maher credit … he certainly went after Obama for his inept debate performance. As the Pirate Cove opines, its only a matter of time before his words are branded as racist.

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    One Response to “Lib Comedian Bill Maher Rips Obama on Debate Performance: “He Sucked … He Looks Like he Took My Millions and Spent it on Weed””

    1. labman57 on October 6th, 2012 11:13 pm

      Obama only appeared to be sedate because he was standing next to Mitt … who was as frenetic as a meth addict.
      SM: Actually Obama showed just as much engagement as he did when he failed to protect the Consulate in Benghazi.

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