MSNBC Caught Doctoring Yet Another VIDEO … This Time MSNBC tries to Make Romney Look Bad at Ohio Campaign Stop


Despicable … MSNBC caught doctoring another VIDEO. These people have no shame and obviously no journalistic integrity. 

What is up with this pathetic excuse of a media outlet? What do they do all day, photo-shop and doctor audio for their amusement? As reported at The Blaze, this time MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ was caught red-handed doctoring a campaign VIDEO of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Ohio. MSNBC tried to make it appear that the crowd was chanting for Ryan and Romney was looking to have the crowd chant for him as well. In reality, the crowd was chanting Romney!” Romney. However, Romney was trying to encouraged the crowd to chant “Romney, Ryan” instead. But that would not have fit the vile, in the tank for Obama MSNBC so they made it appear that Romney was looking for profs. But its par for the course at MSNBC, would be the first time they doctored a Romney tape to make him look bad.

Doctored MSNBC video and Joe Scarborough scoffing at Romney. Hey Joe, Remember when you used to have a soul?

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The below video is from TownHall displaying the void of journalistic integrity of MSNBC’s Morning Joe alongside the Blaze clip. Um, is anyone actually checking the VIDEO these daya and telling the editing staff to stop altering video and audio to not misrepresent the actual events as they happen? It would appear not.

A clip from a recent Romney/Ryan rally has recently been played over and over at MSNBC highlighting what appears to be an embarrassing moment on the campaign trail for Governor Romney. Originally aired on Wednesday’s “Morning Joe,” the clip shows Paul Ryan introducing Romney as the MSNBC-added text appears on the screen proclaiming that the crowd is shouting “Ryan!” Romney gets the mic and asks the crowd to say “Romney/Ryan!” Joe Scarborough covers his face and grumbles out the words, “Sweet Jesus.”

Below is a clip from the The Blaze TV’s “Pat & Stu,” show where a listener calls in and busts MSNBC,

Should we expect any less from MSNBC? These are the same people who doctored the George Zimmerman 911 call in the death of Trayvon Martin trying to make it appear that Zimmerman was acting in a racist manner. Of course they claimed it was a mistake, not deliberate. Sure it was MSNBC, since when does anyone edit a 911 call?

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    6 Responses to “MSNBC Caught Doctoring Yet Another VIDEO … This Time MSNBC tries to Make Romney Look Bad at Ohio Campaign Stop”

    1. on September 28th, 2012 10:38 pm

      This makes me SOOO angry. I don’t see how TV networks that count on broadcasting licenses get away with absolute LIES about one political party while they carry the dirty water for the other.

    2. NGBoston on September 29th, 2012 10:07 am

      @Katablog. Agree 100%. Enraging to watch this practice continue. Why aren’t more employees who work in the MSM calling this out. ?.. Controversy makes for good ratings….don’t see why too many are all but silent about this.

    3. A Texas Grandfather on September 29th, 2012 2:26 pm

      We need to look at where the money source originates to determine why they do these things.

      Obama’s campaign is threatening these outlets with a lawsuit unless they make him look good and they are directed to make the opponent look bad in any way they can.

      Conservatives need to learn what company sponsers this media and take appropriate steps to not buy their product. If they can’t make money, they can’t operate.

    4. David J on September 29th, 2012 8:06 pm

      It appears some “reporters” are so desperate to run negative Romney news they don’t verify any sources. MSNBC assumed the crowd was chanting Ryan they ran with the story and even put the caption “Ryan, Ryan” on the clip. I’ve heard the CSPAN clip and it seems most people are chanting Romney but a few may be saying Ryan. What isn’t disputable are reports from people and reporters who were at the event who agreed it was a Romney chant. I don’t think anyone at MSNBC spoke with any of those in attendance or they wouldn’t have run with the story (what a concept, interview those who were there). Even the New York Times, who actually attended the event for crying out loud, reported it was a Romney chant!

    5. Super dave on September 30th, 2012 7:36 am

      This is easy. They are paid by the democrat communists.

    6. publicenemy2u on October 2nd, 2012 8:22 am

      kinda like the “you didn’t build that” editing except ROMNEY ok’d it, paid for it, and repeats the lie, Baron Von Romney doesn’t get a pass on this

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