GOP Utah Candidate for US Congress Mia Love Brings Down the House at RNC Convention Even Though MSNBC Never Showed It



Ann Romney may have won the night and electrified the crowd at the RNC Convention, however, Mia Love was a close, close second. Mia Love, the current Mayor of Saratoga Springs, UT and GOP candidate for U.S. Congress made a splash on the major political scene last night in an inspiring and enthusiastic way. The 36 year old Love is the daughter of Haitian immigrants with $10 and a dream.

Enter Mia Love, the 36-year-old daughter of Haitian immigrants and a Republican congressional candidate in Utah. Should she win, she would be the first-ever black Republican woman to win a seat in Congress.

In a  speech that drew sustained applause at the GOP convention Tuesday night, Ms. Love recounted her parents’ journey to the U.S., saying they arrived with only $10 in their pockets.

She made apparent references to civil-rights icons Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Our story has been told over 200 years, with small steps and giant leaps, from a woman on a bus to a man with a dream,” she said.

“Mr. President I’m here to tell you the American people are awake and we’re not buying what you’re selling in 2012!”

VIDEO Hat Tip: Mediaite:

She hit President Obama for dividing America and failing the nation over the course of his first term. “His policies have failed us. We’re not better off than we were four years ago. And no rhetoric, bumper sticker or Hollywood campaign ad can change that,” Love fired out to the applause of the crowd.

“Mr. President, I’m here to tell you the American people are awake and we’re not buying what you’re selling in 2012,” Love continued to applause.

Love went on to praise the American dream which she called her story and the story of millions of her fellow citizens. “This is the America we know because we built it,” said Love to spontaneous chants of “U.S.A” from the crowd.

However, a sad and disgustingly bias thing happened on the way to this bright, fiery star of the GOP giving her speech … MSNBC decided not to air it. And it was not just Love’s speech they did not show their viewers, they also did not show the speeches of Democratic Rep. Artur Davis, a black American and  Texas senatorial hopeful Ted Cruz, a Latino American. I am sensing a theme here. MSNBC, the liberal media outlet that is so quick to say that the Republican party is not ethnic enough purposely and willfully with malice and forethought did not air the speeches of Republican minorities. Yea, no media bias there now, is there?

If you were watching MSNBC’s coverage of the Republican National Convention in Tampa on Tuesday night, you might believe those assertions, since missing from the coverage was nearly every ethnic minority that spoke during Tuesday’s festivities.

In lieu of airing speeches from former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis, a black American; Mia Love, a black candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Utah; and Texas senatorial hopeful Ted Cruz, a Latino American, MSNBC opted to show commentary anchored by Rachel Maddow from Rev. Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes and Steve Schmidt.

Sorry, MSNBC is not a media outlet. It is nothing more than a race-baiting, propaganda arm of the Democrat party and namely Barack Obama. Although there is a part of me that is not surprised, another part of me thinks they have sunk to a new low. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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    5 Responses to “GOP Utah Candidate for US Congress Mia Love Brings Down the House at RNC Convention Even Though MSNBC Never Showed It”

    1. dawg1948 on August 29th, 2012 10:02 am

      You go girl. You have a bright future in politics and will be able to help a lot of people and your country.

    2. Mary on August 29th, 2012 4:04 pm

      I believe we have another Condoleeza Rice in our midst. She was so dynamic.

    3. Ed Allred on August 29th, 2012 5:48 pm

      What a STAR! This lady has learned alot and hopefully will share it so openly that “all” will know her and her beliefs. GREAT!!!!!

    4. Tamikosmom on August 30th, 2012 11:51 pm

      August 30, 2012
      Allen West infuriated by LA mayor’s ‘reprehensible’ ‘brown face’ comment

      Florida Republican Rep. Allen West slammed Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Thursday for saying Republicans think they can “just trot out a brown face” and make inroads into the Hispanic voting bloc.

      “It’s reprehensible,” West told a gaggle of reporters. “So I guess if you’re a brown face and you’re a Demcorat it’s acceptable. If you’re a brown face and you’re not a Democrat, you get castigated as a token [minority].”

      “We don’t need that,” West said

    5. david j on September 1st, 2012 8:44 am

      I was totally awe struck at this wondefull young
      women and her journey thru great tribulations
      and i for one will send her some money to help
      her win.
      These are the kind of young people with new
      ideas to further the american dream for all of us.
      SM: Could not agree more.

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