Former Democrat Sec of State Madeline Albright Says She Intends To Blame Bush Forever for the Economy


Madeline Albright, yet another unhinged Leftist, Democrat that intends to blame George W. Bush forever for the economy. Forever? Really Madame Secretary?

Many would have expected more from the former Democrat Secretary of State under Bill Clinton. I guess not. It would seem that Albright is nothing more than a dishonest liberal who blames GWB for all the evils of the economy. Of course Barack Obama’s policies, agenda and out of control spending that has driven the national debt to nearly 16,000,000,000,000.


In an appearance before a Democratic audience captured by Revealing Politics, President Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, recalled the story of her recent encounter with a protester while campaigning for President Barack Obama. She was asked by an agitated audience member how long she intended to blame President George W. Bush’s policies for the recession and the sluggish economic recovery. Albright says that she proudly replied, “forever.”

EXIT QUESTION: If God forbid Obama win in 2012, will be blame the inherited bad 2012 economy on himself?

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    6 Responses to “Former Democrat Sec of State Madeline Albright Says She Intends To Blame Bush Forever for the Economy”

    1. rightknight on August 22nd, 2012 9:10 pm

      There are folks who hang on her every word!

    2. RK on August 22nd, 2012 9:26 pm

      Well, I guess she’s entitled to her opinion.

      As to the exit question, what I wondered is: if Romney/Ryan win, what deficit reduction do they need to achieve (and by when) to avoid calls from everyone on Obama’s case to have them removed in 2016?
      SM: I think the real question you should be asking yourself is what are Democrats going to do when Romney/Ryan win in 2012 and turn the economy around? When R/R win in 2012 it will also mean that they will keep the House and even with the Missouri debacle there is a chance still of regaining the Senate.

      If this does occur … that will be a mandate to fix issue and the people are going to not take kindly to obstruction. Obama had his chance and he made it worse.

      Its going to be time to fix the many issues of whats wrong with the US.

      How is anyone going to question R/R in 2016 after they save the US from going off the fiscal and economic cliff?

    3. RK on August 23rd, 2012 8:18 am

      RE: ” a mandate to fix issue and the people are going to not take kindly to obstruction”

      I would agree with your thoughts, although on inauguration day the GOP “leaders” in DC met to discuss how to sabotage and deny Obama any chance to fix the Bush economic problems; and the American people don’t seem to have held them accountable for that tactic. Why there isn’t more outrage against their playing politics with Americans lives still amazes me. Stalling economic improvement is non-partisan, isn’t it?

      Your definition of making it worse doesn’t agree with my understanding of the facts. The economy that was in place as a result of Bush policies continued large job losses throughout much of 2009, peaking at 10.0% UE in Oct 2009. Obama’s record of reducing that, over time, to 8.2-8.3% UE over the next 2-3 years doesn’t fit my definition of making it worse. Had Congress done anything to help Americans get back to work, instead of blocking any chance at a more robust recovery, one can only wonder how much better off Americans would be.

    4. rightknight on August 23rd, 2012 8:59 am

      One problem is that with the propaganda machine running
      full tilt with a Socialist/Liberal bent, the public discourse will
      be tainted/confined to their talking points. The MSM is
      basically the source of mind control these days.

    5. rightknight on August 23rd, 2012 9:45 am

      Like it or not, there was a time when everything
      this woman said needed to be heard.

    6. SUPER DAVE on August 24th, 2012 4:04 pm

      she reminds me of the south end of a northbound democrat donkey.

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