After Rep. Todd Akin Ill Advised Comments on Rape, Mitt Romney, the GOP and Sean Hannity Ask Him to Step Down as Republican Senate Candidate in Missouri


What a difference a couple of days makes. Todd Akin as gone from almost a sure thing in Missouri to unseat the incumbent and one of the most vulnerable Democrat Senators Claire McCaskill to making one of he most ill-advised comments and then following it up with an even weaker response to his disastrous rape comment … Akin now being asked by pretty much the entire GOP to step down.

Representative Todd Akin, the Republican nominee for senator from Missouri, became nationally notorious yesterday for saying something stupid. In the course of explaining why he believes abortion should be illegal even when pregnancies result from rape, he said that in cases of “legitimate rape” the victim’s body has defense mechanisms that usually prevent pregnancy.

Give the man points for concision, at least: His remarks combined several mistakes with brutal efficiency. There is no evidence for Akin’s biological claim. The frequency with which rape results in pregnancy has no bearing on whether abortion should be allowed when it does. And while it is not completely clear what point Akin was trying to make with the phrase, “legitimate rape” should not appear in any good one.

Sorry, although I think some of his comments were taken a bit out of context, I to believe that Akin must step down and make way for some one else who can actually win the Senate seat for the GOP. Personally, I cannot believe that a conservative with this view was not able to properly and effectively communicate their views. What, did Akin think the MSM was going to give him a pass? At this point Akin is damaged goods and must step down for as Fox News Sean Hannity stated to Akin,You know you could cost us the Senate, right? This is not about one person, their ego and their inability to not communicate their position.This election and the potential Republicans taking back the US Senate is too important.

Via BuzzFeed, it’s important that people like Hannity, Coulter, and the boss emeritus are leaning on this guy too, not just Romney and Reince Priebus. Without pressure from all-stars on the right, he can dig in and turn it into a “weak-ass establishment RINOs are selling me out to the Democrats” populist attack on D.C. Republicans.

Crossroads pulls out of Missouri after Akin comments. Todd Akin rape comments prompt GOP to pull campaign funding, calls to exit race.

According to TPM, Todd Akin’s advisers make preparations to withdrawal tomorrow

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    8 Responses to “After Rep. Todd Akin Ill Advised Comments on Rape, Mitt Romney, the GOP and Sean Hannity Ask Him to Step Down as Republican Senate Candidate in Missouri”

    1. RK on August 21st, 2012 12:11 pm

      ( – Todd Akin Decision: GOP Candidate Staying In Senate Race In Wake Of Controversy

    2. Jennifer on August 21st, 2012 12:38 pm
    3. RK on August 21st, 2012 5:04 pm

      I think it’s telling that Romney/Ryan originally didn’t ask for Akin to step down. Only after a ground-swell of other GOP voices got loud enough did he begin to lead from behind, and jump on the band wagon.

      As it is, I think that the only reason most of the GOP asked for Akin to step aside was pure politic; caring only about losing the seat, and not how awful Akin’s actions were. After all, Paul Ryan co-sponsored the bill where he and Akin tried to redefine rape as being forcible or non-forcible. Gotta love those principles!!

      What a crock that line of “thinking” was.
      SM: Actually I think that Romney-Ryan should not have asked Akin to step down at all. It is not their place to. Someone running for President does not have a right to get and should not get involved in state politics. It should have been up to the GOP in the state.

      For that matter, where was your call to ask Joe Biden to step down? Beyond that, did you also call for President Clinton to step down when he committed perjury, had sex with an intern, broke federal laws of sexual harassment and was accused on 3-4 occasions of sexual assault? I only say this because the LEFT and woman’s groups have come out against the “illegitimate rape” comment. It was said there is no such thing as illegitimate rape. If that is the case then the woman accusing Clinton were telling the truth.

      Also, don;t tell the Duke LAX players that there is no such thing as illegitimate rape.

      Do i think Akin should have stepped down, yes. He made himself a lightening rod and could not defend his comment. Then he apologized and I am not sure what he was apologizing for,


    4. RK on August 22nd, 2012 7:30 am

      To be clear, I’m not asking for anyone to step down, and that is not the point I’m making. What I’d do is immaterial to how the GOP and Romney are react to this situation.

      To reiterate; my point is how Romney/Ryan handled this; their actions, as it should be. They are running for Pres/VP, and we are examining them.

      This issue has Ryan aligned with Akin, and that is an important position to discuss.
      Sm: Nice try …. sorry the economy going over the cliff, the federal debt going over the fiscal cliff, gas prices at record highs, social security and medicare at the point of going belly up … those are the important issues that need to be addressed. Once again this is why I could cuff Akin upside his friggin head for playing right into the hands of the liberal media and taking the bait.

      We have huge issues to deal with in the US, not this distraction. Oh wait, lets get Romney’s tax returns, that’s important too.

      This is exactly what you and the rest of the libs wanted, a distraction to real US issues that could destroy America as we know it.

    5. SUPER DAVE on August 22nd, 2012 7:49 am

      re elect obama and watch your children suffer the aftermath.

    6. RK on August 22nd, 2012 7:50 am

      I was just commenting on the issue the article discussed, following its lead, and not taking on the national campaign and everything. I was trying to remain on topic.

      Either Ryan’s credentials and principles are an issue, or they are not. I choose not to avoid his past as a VP candidate. Others are free to do as they please.
      SM: ROTFLMAO … “I was trying to remain on topic.”

    7. RK on August 22nd, 2012 8:42 am

      I suppose Pres Clinton, Tax returns, Joe Biden, Duke rape story are clearly on-topic then?

      Perhaps the fact that Ryan/Akin are co-sponsors of the “forcible rape” bill is off-topic.

      One can only wonder????
      SM: Dude, i will say this only once and the next time you will be sent packing. You do not own this site. You do not tell the owner of the site what is and is not on topic. Do it again and you will be gone. You are a guest here, that’s it.

      Do not ever make a reference to how the owner of a web site comments on their own site.

      I have a suggestion, you like to be a Contrarian, create your own web site and have at it. Until the day you do that, when you post a comment on another’s, you have no say in the content or my comments.

    8. RK on August 22nd, 2012 9:20 pm

      Far from telling anyone anything, I clumsily asked if the 1st listed topics would be thought on-topic if they came from me (one of the audience). That was followed by referring to topics I did use, not knowing if these were the source of “feedback”.

      As it is, knowing what is or not on-topic is hard to determine; it would just help to know (somehow) what is what.

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