Judge Edward Burmila Halts Trial Abruptly After Prosecution Elicits “Low Blow” Testimony … Will Judge Grant Mistrial in the Drew Peterson Murder Trial in the Death of Kathleen Savio?


Will the murder trial of Drew Peterson in the death of Kathleen Savio be over before it has barely started? We will find out today as court was halted abruptly yesterday by Judge Burmila after the prosecution attempted to enter questionable evidence into the case that they could not prove. The Judge called it a “low blow”. Could the judge call a mistrial or will the murder case against Peterson, the former Bollingbrook police officer go forward?

After angrily upbraiding prosecutors for improperly introducing evidence, the judge presiding over the Drew Peterson murder trial abruptly halted the proceedings, sent the jury home and said he will rule Thursday on how the case will move forward.

It was the second time in as many days that the judge appeared to consider granting the defense’s request for a mistrial. Despite the seemingly made-for-TV cliffhanger, prosecutors, defense attorneys, experts and even the judge indicated that stopping now was unlikely.

Judge Edward Burmila criticized the state’s attempt to elicit testimony that prosecutors acknowledged they could not prove — that Peterson left a bullet on a neighbor’s driveway to intimidate him. Burmila called it a “low blow,” but he said he is inclined instead to strike the witness’s entire testimony, which lasted about half a day.

The judge then granted the defense’s request for a recess until Thursday to weigh legal options.

The expected ruling by Judge Edward Burmila follows several blunders by prosecutors.

A furious Burmila admonished prosecutors Wednesday after the second witness in just their second day of testimony began talking about finding a .38-caliber bullet on his driveway. Thomas Pontarelli, a former neighbor of Savio’s, hinted in his testimony that Peterson may have planted it there to intimidate him.

Prosecutors later admitted under tough questioning by the judge that there was no evidence to support the claim. And Burmila wondered aloud about whether the testimony made Peterson appear menacing in jurors’ eyes and undermined his ability to get a fair trial.

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    2 Responses to “Judge Edward Burmila Halts Trial Abruptly After Prosecution Elicits “Low Blow” Testimony … Will Judge Grant Mistrial in the Drew Peterson Murder Trial in the Death of Kathleen Savio?”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on August 2nd, 2012 10:31 am

      What are the prosecutors trying to do? This man is probably guilty of at least two and possibly three murders. Each time he has managed to evade prosecution.

      The attorneys for the prosecution should be the best the state are able to find. To try a “boneheaded” stunt like the bullet testimony is beginner tactics. Now, they have an admonition from the judge that undermines their credability.

      Are they hoping the jury will be so stupid as to ignore this gaff?

    2. NGBoston on August 3rd, 2012 5:46 pm

      The testimony today of Savio’s Sister was huge. Even though mainly a circumstantial case (and testimony today of how there was no initial follow up investigation from LE after the “accidental drowning”—can you believe that? Not one person from LE went to ANY of Savio’s family members after the drowning in person with any questions. Even though Savio’s Sister was AT THE RESIDENCE of Savio/Peterson (one day after she was found!)—-

      Again, even though the Prosecution has mainly a circumstantial case, and forensic evidence is lacking—-where is Stacey Peterson to this day? Why has no one ever heard from her? According to Drew, he thinks she took off with a new boyfriend.

      Please. Next up, the Divorce Attorney who divorced Savio and had a visit from Stacey Peterson just days before her disappearance when she was asking questions about monetary divorce settlements. She even is reported to have asked him if she stood to gain more money if she could exploit the fact that she had knowledge that Savio was murdered.

      If, for some reason, this Jury returns a verdict of Not Guilty, I will completely lose faith in our Justice System forever after last year’s Anthony trial and next years Zimmerman debacle as well.


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