Could Todd Akin Actually Be Electable? Poll Shows Akin-McCaskill Missouri US Senate Race is a Toss Up

Could the Missouri US Senate seat still be in play?

A week after the dust up and free for all when Republican Senate candidate Todd Aiken made the unfortunate phrase, “legitimate rape,” a poll has come out that shows the race is a dead heat. The most recent Democrat leaning PPP poll showed that incumbent Democrat McCaskill has support from 45% of likely Missouri voters compared with 44% for Akin.  Has the race gone back to a toss up from leans Obama?

Also 53% of Missouri voters, including 77% of Republicans, have accepted Mr. Akin’s apology for his comments. 54% think he should stay in the race, while just 37 percent think he should drop out.

Despite widespread assertions that Missouri Republican Rep. W. Todd Akin’s abortion remarks have made him a heavy underdog in the state’s U.S. Senate race, a Democratic-leaning polling firm released a poll Thursday showing him in a virtual dead heat with incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

According to the survey by Public Policy Polling, Mrs. McCaskill has support from 45 percent of likely Missouri voters compared with 44 percent for Mr. Akin, a result that differs strongly from polls conducted last week by other firms.

Mr. Akin has been widely condemned by Democrats and Republicans since he made comments in an Aug. 19 television interview, in which he tried to explain his opposition to abortion for rape victims by saying that pregnancy is rare in cases of “legitimate rape.”

The current Public Policy Poll seems to be much more credible than the one they did last week that had a +9 R sampling. Now the recent PPP poll has a much more realistic and credible sampling of +2R. Has the Democrat party and the liberal MSM pulled another “Wellstone Memorial”? Have they overplayed their hand and beat up on Akin so much that he is now a sympathetic victim? For those who have forgot, Democrats turned the funeral service for Paul Wellstone into a shameful and inappropriate political campaign event.

The question has to be asked, just how bad a candidate is Democrat Claire McCaskill and how bad does the Shoe Me state want to show McCaskill the door in 2012?

A majority of voters say they do not approve of the job McCaskill is doing, indicating that even if Akin gave the McCaskill campaign a gift with his statements, she still has a steep climb ahead to convince undecided and independent voters to back her. Only 11 percent of Republicans in the poll said they’d vote for McCaskill.

Even Uber-Lib Michael Moore Thinks It’s Over …“I Think People Should Start To Practice The Words President Romney”

RUT-ROH, Libs and moonbats are panicking everywhere … Michael Moore thinks it’s over.

In an interview with the HUFF-PO, Michael Moore said that Romney will win in November and “I think people should start to practice the words, President Romney”. A startling, yet rational observation from the uber-liberal Democrat film maker. However, Moore was not without his ridiculous comments. What is comical during the interview is the hypocrisy from Moore regarding the money that Romney and the Republicans have and that with all that wealth, they can still only voter once. Hmm, I must have missed it, is Michael Moore a pauper?

Filmmaker Michael Moore joined HuffPost Live Thursday and predicted that the influence of money in politics would lift Mitt Romney to victory over President Barack Obama in November.

“Mitt Romney is going to raise more money than Barack Obama. That should guarantee his victory,” Moore told host Josh Zepps. “I think people should start to practice the words ‘President Romney.‘ To assume that the other side are just a bunch of ignoramuses who are supported by people who believe that Adam and Eve rode on dinosaurs 6,000 years ago is to completely misjudge the opposition.”

The handwriting is on the wall of some one like Moore is raising the white flag. This can only mean that the Democrats and Reelect Obama team is only going to get more ugly. If that occurs, this election is going to go from leans Romney, to a much bigger margin of victory than most political pundits are predicting. However, what was most telling and whether he meant it or not as a slap to the LEFT was when Moore said, that if the election were conducted “American Idol”-style, and Americans were able to vote from their couches, Obama “would win hands down.” What does this say about the LAZY LEFT? This is Moore speaking. He is basically saying that Obama resonates with the lazy coach-potatoes who can’t make the effort to get out and vote. I guess this is why they say that Obama wins hands down with those non-voters.

Get ready America for Moonbat Derangement Syndrome. Heck, we might have to put Moore on the list now as well with the huge success of the Conservative documentary 2016.

GOP Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney Heads to Louisiana to Tour Hurricane Isaac Storm Damage

Hmm, Romney visits Gulf Coast areas affected by Hurricane Isaac … where is Barack Obama?

Mitt Romney, fresh off a successful Republican National Convention and officially receiving the GOP nomination for President, is off to New Orleans and Louisiana to tour areas affected by Hurricane Isaac. Romney will meet up with Governor Bobby Jindal, who did not attend the RNC convention so to take care of matters in Louisiana. Romney will be altering his campaign plans and not go to Virgina as previously planned following this mornings post-convention rally this morning in Lakeland, FL with his VP choice Paul Ryan. The GOP VP will go solo to Virginia later today.

Mitt Romney will head to the New Orleans area today to tour areas affected by Hurricane Isaac.

Romney and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will meet with first responders.

Rather amazing that Romney finds the time to take away from his campaign to visit the areas affected by Hurricane Isaac. Isn’t this President Obama’s job? Then again, who is the candidate that actually acts and conducts them self is a Presidential manner?

Daily Commentary – Friday, August 31, 2012 – The Drew Peterson Case Goes to the Jury Next Week

  • Will we get a decision next week? Will there be a hung jury?

    Daily Commentary – Friday, August 31, 2012 Download

Freddie Grant Arrested & Charged with Kidnapping Missing SC Teen Gabrielle Swainson

An arrest has been made in the disappearance of missing 15 year old Gabrielle Swainson. 52 year old Freddie Grant has been arrested and charged with the kidnapping of the South Carolina teen. Freddie Grant is considered a friend of the family.  Gabrielle Swainson went missing on August 18, 2012.

Freddie Grant was a target in the investigation because he was a convicted felon. However, police became more suspicious when he refused to cooperate. Law enforcement searched Grant’s home where bullets were found that leading to a federal weapons charge. Additional searches uncovered his DNA and Gabbiee’s DNA on duct tape with blood on it found near his house. Authorities believe Grant forced the teen from her home in Columbia and took her to his home in Elgin, SC” Grant is being held without bail at the Lexington County jail.

Investigators charged Freddie Grant with kidnapping in the disappearance of 15-year-old Gabrielle “Gabbiee” Swainson after her blood was found on duct tape near his home, authorities said Tuesday.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said 52-year-old Grant was a family acquaintance and did yard work for the Swainson family.

The sheriff was holding out hope that Gabbiee will be found alive, and more than 100 officers are combing through a junkyard across from the suspect’s home in Elgin on Tuesday looking for the missing teen.

“I haven’t given up hope of finding her and bringing her home. That’s what we’re operating under, that she can be found,” Lott said. “He’s only charged with kidnapping.”

The hope is that Gabrielle Swainson is still alive; however, it really does not look good.

For more updates, provide your opinions and read others, go to Scared Monkeys Missing Persons Forum: Gabrielle Swainson.

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