President Barack Obama Launches Pandering Bus Tour in Swings States Ohio and Pennsylvania


President Barack Obama is back at it … he has launched his pandering bus tour 2012 to the two swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Let’s see what happens tomorrow if there is a bump in the road for “The One” when July’s jobs numbers are reported. Usually, when dealing with Obama and a bus you want to be extremely careful, most wind under it.  Obama calls it his “Betting on America,” most Americans want to know where the jobs are that Obama promised. Also, why Obama just broke his 2008 campaign promise and taxed American families making under $250,000 with Obamacare or Obamatax as the Supreme Court ruled.

President Obama launches a bus tour Thursday through two battleground states crucial to his re-election bid.

Obama’s focus during the trip through Ohio and Pennsylvania is the economy, and it begins a day before a critical monthly report on jobs — an event the White House is awaiting with some anxiety after May’s figures fell far short of analysts’ predictions.

The “Betting on America” tour is a nod to the near certainty that November’s elections will hinge chiefly on jobs, housing and other economic indicators despite the recent fervor from both parties over the Supreme Court’s surprise verdict to uphold Obama’s healthcare reform law.

With as many times as Obama and Romney will be in Ohio and PA, they might have to declare residency.

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    6 Responses to “President Barack Obama Launches Pandering Bus Tour in Swings States Ohio and Pennsylvania”

    1. TaterSalad on July 5th, 2012 12:38 pm

      “Read My Lips – No New Taxes” !!!!!!!!

      Democrats are running away from this countries biggest tax hike in American history:




      4. Barack Obama evoking Jesus to sell us the more taxes while we are “broke”:

      5. 20 New higher taxes that American citizens will “enjoy” now that Obamacare is constitutional:

    2. PublicEnemy2u on July 5th, 2012 4:11 pm

      Where’s Mitt again? Oh yea, He’s at his 8 million dollar “summer cabin”. You know the one, it has the $600,000 “boat house”
      SM: He is spending time with his family. As opposed to vacationing in Spain and Martha’s Vineyard on the tax payers dime.

      You do realize at envy is very unbecoming right? So you hate people who have actually made something of themselves? Seriously? You might want to get some help for that. I guess you and other Democrats feel and felt the same way about the Kennedy’s.

    3. A Texas Grandfather on July 5th, 2012 10:56 pm

      At least Romney has paid for all his big summer cabin and he pays for all the costs associated with spending time with his family. Romney acquired this money the old fashon way “he earned it”.

      Obama travels on the taxpayers money, not his.

      The bus tours are a lot less expensive than flying Air Force 1. The people need to ask the Obama campaign to pay for the costs of operating the buses and other vehicles in this campaign trip.

    4. Mary on July 6th, 2012 4:55 am

      Well Mitt Romney can have a 8 million “summer cabin” he worked for it….. what have you done? Living off welfare!!!!!

    5. Pathetic June 2012 Jobs Reports … Only 80,000 Jobs Created … Unemployment Stays at 8.2% | Scared Monkeys on July 6th, 2012 8:00 am

      [...] thinks the Barack Obama bus tour in the battleground states of Ohio and Pennsylvania just crashed and went off the road. Lets hear [...]

    6. PublicEnemy2u on July 6th, 2012 8:21 am

      I’d have a summer cabin too if the rules for the rich were the same for people like me that work for a salary or hourly wage. IF we got the same treament taxwise as Richy Rich. I don’t envy them. I think of them as parasites. I have several friends who are millionares, My father-in-law is a multi-millionare. They made thier money the old fashion way. Not through offshoring and outsourcing or in a will. To #4 Mary, don’t worry about me. When I was 13 I rode my 20″ single speed bike 87 blocks each way to wash dishes all night in a Sambo’s resaurant for $1.25 an hr. At 14 it was a year at McDs’. 15 and 16 were spent working in a garage 27 hrs a week to clear $37.50. I left for the Army (Infantry)on my seventeenth birthday with everything I owned in an gym bag and through hard work (2 jobs for many years) I am set in my retirement. Mitt Romney can’t even relate to the lives most us of live.

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