Beyond Disrespectful … Students From Junior High School 292 in East New York Brooklyn Throw Trash in 9-11 Memorial … Students Booted from Ground Hero


You have got top be kidding … It would appear that “They have Forgotten” or never told.

A group of 7th graders from  Junior High School 292 in East New York, Brooklyn on a field trip were booted from the 9-11 Memorial after they used the reflective pools as a garbage can throwing plastic soda battles and trash in them. WHAT!!! Who in the hell does this at Ground Hero? How in the hell are a ground of NYC school students so uninformed as to the sanctity of this hallowed ground that saw nearly 3000 innocent people lose their lives at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists? Of all things, kids from the NYC area. One would think if any group of kids were told about September 11, it would be children from NYC? Then again, I guess it depends on what the public school teaches them.

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A group of students from Brooklyn were forced to leave the Sept. 11 memorial after throwing garbage into its reflecting pools, according to a published report.

The students from Junior High School 292 in East New York were visiting the site on a class trip Thursday when witnesses said they threw baseballs, empty plastic soda bottles and other trash into the water, reports the Daily News.

A note to the disrespectful students who would desecrate such a hallowed Memorial where so many brave men. women and children died the day the Towers fell … take a good look what you disrespected.

The Tower falls

Just curios, what are the schools in New York City actually teaching children with regards to September 11, 2001 when the US was attacked by Muslim terrorists? Obviously, it would appear nothing. Were these kids not told ahead of time what the 9-11 Memorial was and its purpose? Or did they think it was just a boring waste of time? Also, where were the teachers and chaperones? It is obvious that this school has failed its students and should be ashamed of their conduct and their own lack of education. It’s obvious that they have forgotten.


More from MyFoxNY:

Visitors, New Yorkers, and 9/11 family members Fox 5 spoke to were saddened and perplexed.

Anthoula Kastinatides lost her brother on 9/11.  She says she would have pulled the children aside if she had been there at the time.

“These kids just need to be educated about what happened there.”

The students were thrown out of the hallowed site after reportedly throwing everything from baseballs to plastic soda bottles in the memorial that sites on the footprints of the former World Trade Center twin towers.

It did not end there. The NYPD said one junior high student was caught trying to bring ammunition through the metal detector at the entrance to the memorial site.

New York Public Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott says the matter is under investigation.

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    3 Responses to “Beyond Disrespectful … Students From Junior High School 292 in East New York Brooklyn Throw Trash in 9-11 Memorial … Students Booted from Ground Hero”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on June 26th, 2012 8:48 am

      This really reflects on the parents and the school regarding this type of behavior. Parents have not been doing their job nor have the schools.

      Unless you get their attention by the time children begin school, you can expect this type of behavior.

      Twelve and thirteen year olds should have known about this memorial and what it represents. The teachers should have spent time talking about the memorial and how to behave when on the site. Shame on them all.

    2. Tamikosmom on June 26th, 2012 10:49 am

      9/11-01 President George W. Bush speech to America

    3. Priscilla on June 27th, 2012 12:12 am

      Maybe we need a draft. Before they abolished the draft if a kid messed up he had a choice, military or jail. Know many good men that the armed forces saved them from a life of crime and who knows what. I don’t have the words for these kids and their actions. The school said the kids were briefed on the Memorial and what it stood for, well we need to start showing the film clips in schools, photos of all our family members that died on 9/11 and all the soldiers that died so they are free to be disrespectful p….s can’t show the word..too much time on their hands running the streets. I hope they show the tapes, but of course they will protect the jerks. Shame on them. It makes my whole being hurt.

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