YIKES, From Miss USA Contest … Miss Ohio Thinks Prostitution Is a Positive Movie Role For Women Like in Movie Pretty Woman (Video)


What ever happened to beauty contestants just saying that they were for world peace? Miss Ohio misses the issue of prostitution and the devastating effects it has on woman.

Have morals and standards really changed that much in the United States? During the Miss USA contest Miss Ohio was asked the following question, do you think woman are depicted in movies and in television in an accurate and positive way?  The answer … um, Miss Ohio thinks that Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’ playing a prostitute was an example of woman being played in a positive manner. Really, Hollywood glorifying prostitution is a positive thing? UNREAL!

From The O’Reilly Factor

So in the mind of Miss Ohio as long as the prostitute winds up in the end with a millionaire Richard Gere type all is ok and a positive message. Dear Miss Ohio, how often do you think that really happens? Of all the movies and TV shows that is what you come up with as positive? WOW! A note to Miss Ohio, glorifying prostitution would be depicting woman in a negative manner.

On a side note, who can forget this Video doozy from Miss South Carolina. Good thing she didn’t get the positive role model for woman question.

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    One Response to “YIKES, From Miss USA Contest … Miss Ohio Thinks Prostitution Is a Positive Movie Role For Women Like in Movie Pretty Woman (Video)”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on June 5th, 2012 9:25 am

      What a value system! This young woman does not have a good value guide.

      Political Correctness run amok. She doesn’t understand that if you tolerate poor behavior and then glorify it, soon society will fall to that level. I wonder if her parents are proud of that statement?

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